Florence Plazas Overview

Piazza del Campo (Siena, Italy) - Piazza in Florence

Italians and plazas go together like spaghetti and meatballs, linguini and clam sauce, fettuccini and Alfredo, you get the point. Basically, the plazas in Florence are not just a place to sightsee; they are also a way of life for the residents of this beautiful city.

The plazas (actually piazzas if you want to get technical – or piazzales depending on the shape and size) serve a number of purposes in the city. First, they definitely make for a great meet-up spot. Second, they’re typically surrounded by places to drink, eat, or shop, so you can figure out what to wear for the night, and then start your night off in the square afterwards. And third, they provide a welcome relaxation from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

One of the most famous Florence plazas is Piazza Santa Croce in, you guessed it, Santa Croce. Here, passersby can witness the essence of Florentine life as a mix of people come and go, or laze away while surrounded by beautiful frescoes, a statue of Dante Alighieri, and a lot of stunning renaissance architecture. At night, however, Piazza Santa Croce is flooded with young partiers who criss-cross the square, pub crawling around the area.

Other popular plazas are Piazza Santo Spirito, a laid-back hangout for locals looking to chill, or Piazzale Michelangelo, which offers some of the best views of the city and makes for one of the best sunset spots in all of Florence.

Whichever piazza you decide to make your own, there will always be something to do, whether it’s eating, drinking, shopping, or simply doing as the Florentines do and hang out with friends all night long.

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