Boboli Gardens

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Boboli Gardens One of the most famous gardens in the world, Boboli sits on a picturesque hill overlooking the south of Florence and is an incredible place to spend an afternoon. Florence Italy 43.76268 11.249378
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View of the Palazzo Pitti from the Boboli Gardens in Florence.
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Party Earth Review One of the most famous gardens in the world, Boboli sits on a picturesque hill overlooking the south of Florence and is an incredible place to spend an afternoon. A short uphill trek at the entrance leads to some breathtaking... ... read full review

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    Daily Nov–Feb 8:15am–4:30pm; Mar 8:15am–5:30pm; Apr–May/Sep–Oct 8:15am–6:30pm; Jun–Aug 8:15am–7:30pm

    Closed first and last Monday of every month

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Boboli Gardens Review

The Scene

One of the most famous gardens in the world, Boboli sits on a picturesque hill overlooking the south of Florence and is an incredible place to spend an afternoon.

One of the most famous gardens in the world, Boboli sits on a picturesque hill overlooking the south of Florence and is an incredible place to spend an afternoon.

A short uphill trek at the entrance leads to some breathtaking views of the city, while further along visitors will find lush grassy areas and private nooks perfect for lying about, reading a book, or pondering the cloud formations above.

The hilly paths make for a great morning run, while the scattering of beautiful statues, delicately sculpted fountains, mysterious botanical avenues, and the elaborate landscape are popular subjects for local artists and art appreciators alike.

However, Boboli’s true treasures are its simple beauty, vast and peaceful spaces, and surprisingly private atmosphere that offer an ideal escape from the city.

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Tip from Emma:

A small café at the front gate offers the only refreshment in the gardens, so those planning on spending the whole day should be sure to pack a snack.

  • Crowd

    Locals and travelers of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Bring a blanket, a picnic, some music, and a good book.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Small café at the front gate.

  • Prices

    Admission €6–€9, includes entrance to the gardens, Museo degli Argenti, Museo delle Porcellane, Galleria del Costume, Giardino Bardini, and special exhibits in the summer.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any nice day for a picnic lunch or afternoon siesta.

Boboli Gardens User Reviews

Average rating:
Escape the Crowds and Relax in Boboli Gardens
Alexa D. Jun 27, 2013
In such a popular city bustling with tourists, the Boboli Gardens can be a much-needed haven from the humming streets of Florence. The main attractions within the gardens, most notably the view of the Duomo, are frequented by the many visitors to Florence, however the grounds are extensive enough that it is easy to find a quiet patch of grass or secluded area to enjoy the quiet and relax. - See more at:
Tranquil Escape
Megan H. Mar 5, 2013
Just behind the Pitti Palace and overlooking Florence are the scenic Boboli Gardens. The gardens are based on an open layout, which allows you to appreciate not only the vast views of the gardens themselves but also of the city below. The gardens feature Renaissance statues, fountains, an amphitheater and multiple paths to explore. For less than 10 euros, you can escape the busy streets of Florence and spend the day in the quiet, relaxed environment of the Boboli Gardens. Although there is shade in some areas, sunscreen or a hat may be a good idea if you’re planning to spend an afternoon here.
Such a neat place!
Claire M. Dec 13, 2012
Behind the Pitti Palace is the unexpectedly large and awesome Boboli Gardens, well worth the 10euro entrance! Although the mosquitoes can get brutal in late summer into early fall it is still well worth the bites. Make sure you give yourself enough time to walk the expansive gardens; I went two hours before close and thought that would be plenty of time, but they were kicking us out and we wanted more time! The Cork Oaks are my favorite and you need to see the grotto on the way out. There are so many great statues and little sections that you could spend a whole time just looking at the palace and gardens!
nice gardens
Sam R. Dec 13, 2012
Its just a lot of gardens but they’re nice gardens and the city is very hot in the summer so its nice to come here for some fresh air. The gardens are small compared with other cities. I’m English so the gardens are nice but nothing special. These are the nicest in Florence. The Medicis weren’t the nicest but they had taste and the gardens show that. There are lots of tourists here so if American accents annoy you don’t come in the afternoon, there are groups of people talking about very personal things in very loud voices.
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. Did I mention this place is beautiful? While abroad in Florence, my friends and I took full advantage of our student cards—free admission to Boboli anytime we wanted it. This was almost every day. When the rest of Florence is self-incinerating in summer Tuscan heat, Boboli is situated on a hill and has a lovely breeze. We came here to study, sit, tan and chat. We weren’t alone—so did the rest of the study abroads. But knowing that this garden was good enough for the Medicis will do that to any Italian scholar: Boboli’s been around for a long time, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
Lovely and great for relaxing
Jody P. Dec 3, 2012
When on a trip to Europe, it is easy to get caught up in all there is to see and do. I think this is especially true almost everywhere you go in Italy. But then you stumble across a place that is so beautiful and quiet and relaxing that you forget about all those museums and churches and palaces that you wanted to see and just chill out for awhile. Boboli Gardens is so gorgeous, you could just wander around all afternoon. It is so quiet so it is nice if you've been running around Italy for days or weeks and just want a small break, or you want a quiet place to eat lunch and read your book. You will do quite a bit of walking uphill in the gardens but you'll be glad you did when you see an amazing view of the city almost rivaling that of PIazzele Michaelangelo.
Behind the Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens are striking in beauty, yet calming and peaceful to enjoy a day to yourself with a book or with a few friends to enjoy the scenery.
Caitlin M. Nov 1, 2012
When you first enter the gardens, you're taken back by the beauty, but also by the climb ahead. A steep hill awaits you, but you're able to enjoy the views of Florence and the pristine garden while you venture up the hill. Don't let it frighten you. A little exercise never hurt! Once at the top, the beautiful fountain enveloped by visitors, especially on warm days, captures your attention. Just stopping here, you would still believe that these gardens are one of the most beautiful among all the greenery, but the real beauty and appeal is discovering and unwinding the hilly paths. Whether you're looking to sit down in the grassy patches of the gardens to read a book, bathe in the sun or listen to music peacefully, your trip to the gardens is even more fulfilled as you venture into the unpopulated areas. There are hidden fountains, statues and paths to discover. You can remain in the populated area with the stunning views of Florence, or you can find some peace within a shaded, green tunnel as you walk deeper into the gardens. A trip to the Boboli Gardens is definitely worth the uphill climb for the views, the peaceful getaway from the city streets and the chance to explore everything Florence has to offer.
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