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If you’re going to talk about drinking in Florence, the conversation will invariably turn toward wine. And why not – as one of the best wine drinking areas of the world, wine can be found on every table at every bar and restaurant in town. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind drinking experience, you’ll need to head out of the city and go about 20 minutes south where the Chianti Region waits to wet your wine whistle with some of the most amazing varietals in the world.

The region is home to a number of vineyards that are both world-renowned and badly kept secrets. There are enotecas (wine shops) throughout the region that sell the bottled goodness and offer patrons chances to sip before they buy.

Some of the most recommended vineyards and enotecas are Casaloste, Le Cantine, Le Fonti, Montagliari, and Santo Stefano. Casaloste offers tours that include tasting of at least three wines. Le Cantine is one of the oldest enotecas in the region, and you can buy wine by the ounce. Le Fonti is a small boutique vineyard run by a young couple. Montagliari has a balsamic vinegar room and stellar restaurant. And Santo Stefano offers €10 tours focused on the cultivation of wine.

Whichever vineyard or vineyards you plan on strolling through, you’re guaranteed both a delicious and educational experience. Just remember, if you’re looking for Florence drinking spots, nothing beats the Chianti Region – as long as you bring a designated driver.

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