Florence Irish Pubs Overview

The Lion's Fountain - Irish Pub | Sports Bar in Florence

For those looking to chill with some friends, down some draft beer, or watch a football match on TV, the Irish pubs in Florence are the perfect alternative to a nightlife scene more devoted to bars and clubs.

As in most European cities, the Florence Irish pubs celebrate the culture and traditions brought over by the Irish. And just like in Ireland, the Irish pubs serve up great beer, great conversation, and a welcoming environment.

Irish pubs can be found all over Florence as they dot the city from Santa Croce to Oltrarno to San Lorenzo. One of the more famous pubs is the Fiddler’s Elbow in Santa Maria Novella. You won’t find an aperitivo at this pub, instead you’ll get a mix of ex-pats and locals watching sports and downing Boddingtons. The Lion’s Fountain in Santa Croce is a popular student pub, while The Old Stove near the Duomo serves great food and drinks to ex-pats and English speakers.

If you’re looking for some bangers & mash, fish & chips, Guinness on tap, or just a cozy place to watch the game, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect Florentine Irish pub for you.

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