Oltrarno, Florence

Fontana del Buontalenti in the Oltrarno quarter in Florence.
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Just a short walk across Ponte Vecchio is Oltrarno, a diverse neighborhood populated by hipsters and alternative types that offers the best snapshot of young Florentine life.

One of the more vibrant nightlife hotspots for locals, this area is home to a few upscale dance clubs, cafés with aperitivo, live music venues, chic lounges, and classic neighborhood bars.

Two key piazzas add to Oltrarno’s diversity: the laid-back, bohemian Piazza Santo Spirito, which hosts a vibrant and eclectic nighttime scene, and its classy neighbor Piazza del Carmine, which is the place to go for club parties that attract a beautiful, well-dressed clientele.

Oltrarno is also well known for its artisan community, and a daytime walk through the labyrinth of lanes and cobblestone streets yields generations of Florence's famous craftsmen peddling wares ranging from fine hand-woven silks to silver handicrafts.


Where to Go in Oltrarno

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