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Yab Although Yab is closed most nights during the summer, it nonetheless enjoys a reputation as one of the city's premier dance clubs. Florence Italy 43.7708281 11.2527872
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People getting drinks at the bar at Yab in Florence.
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Party Earth Review Although Yab is closed most nights during the summer, it nonetheless enjoys a reputation as one of the city’s premier dance clubs. Located just a couple of blocks from Piazza della Repubblica, this ultra-chic club, lounge... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M/W–Sa 9pm–4am (August–April); M 9pm–4am (May–July)

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Yab Review

The Scene

Although Yab is closed most nights during the summer, it nonetheless enjoys a reputation as one of the city's premier dance clubs.

Although Yab is closed most nights during the summer, it nonetheless enjoys a reputation as one of the city’s premier dance clubs.

Located just a couple of blocks from Piazza della Repubblica, this ultra-chic club, lounge, and restaurant attracts a large crowd of stylish, upscale patrons, especially on Mondays and the weekends.

The fashionable and attractive clientele looks just as sleek and glamorous as the club itself, whose elegant décor features chandeliers, crisp white sofas, and a dance floor polished to a high shine.

Plenty of lounging space on the periphery gives patrons a chance to rest their feet or enjoy a round of cocktails, though the venue is probably not be the best option for meaningful conversation – this is a dance club, after all, and the DJs never fail in turning up the volume and keeping the posh and energetic crowd on its feet.

The drinks may be pricey and the door policy tough, but Yab is worth the effort and expense for anyone in the mood for a swanky, upbeat night on the town.

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Tip from Adriana:

The bouncers can be quite selective at the door, so it’s a good idea to arrive on the early side or splurge on dinner beforehand. And of course it always helps to dress to the nines and arrive with more girls than guys in the group.

  • Crowd

    Variable but always stylish, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Club pop music spun by various DJs. Popular theme nights include smooth hip-hop on Mondays and University Night on Wednesdays, as well as high-energy mixes on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    The restaurant serves a full dinner menu 9–11pm and a buffet on Wednesday nights.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €20. Prix fixe dinner €25 for women and €30 for men, buffet €11. Beer, wine, and cocktails €9+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual to dressy.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Mondays (year round) and Wednesdays (August to April) for the respective hip-hop and university parties.

Yab User Reviews

Average rating:
Yab on Monday Nights!
Andrea A. May 25, 2013
Yab was my favorite place to go on Monday nights! Not many places in Europe have good and updated hip hop but Yab does! Get to know the promoters and they'll hook you up! The only reason this place doesn't receive 4 stars is because I had my wallet stolen here. Be careful. It can happen anywhere which is why it didn't stop me from coming back here on Monday nights. They have a cover charge of 10 dollars but it comes with a free drink. Sometimes they have you pay at the end so don't lose the ticket they give you or you won't be let out unless you pay a fee.
typical florentine club
Sabrina M. Apr 25, 2013
If you must go, then it's best to go to Yab on a Monday night (hip-hop). The club is large and filled with mostly American women studying abroad and Italian men preying on them. You will see the occasional professional soccer player there accompanied by their entourage. Depending on the night, who is at the door, who you are with and how everyone is dressed, you may have to wait in a long line to enter. There are far better places to go out in Florence, but this is the quintessential club in one of the most tourist-filled Italian cities.
Sloppy and bumpin
Twiggy B. Apr 3, 2013
Depending on which night it is, YAB can be great and can be awful. I some times love hip-hop night and sometimes I don't. I feel like it more depends on the DJ that evening. Personally, I loved Thursday and Friday nights, but that just might be the raver in me. The sound in there can really get a person moving if you're passionate about that kind of thing as am I. I DEFINITELY recommend if someone is going to go that they go a little later in their evening instead of making it the start-off point because everyone else has the same idea. It is VERY VERY VERY crowded, you won't even be able to dance. I recommend going around 10 or 11ish in all seriousness, because people start to go other places and you get more room to breathe and not have some creep-o dancing on you. But other wise, great clubs, great drinks.
Yab is a quintessential Italian nightclub for better... and worse.
Natasha B. Mar 29, 2013
Yab has been around forever and has not changed at all from when I first started frequenting it in 2006. Monday is hip hop night, Wednesday is for the university students, and Saturday is (while unspoken) for underage girls and the older men who like them. The diversity of music and crowds it manages to pull on various nights of the week is one of its biggest draws. However, it can also easily fall into the negative stereotype of an Italian nightclub with sleazy older men and innocent young girls and/or tourists. In the summer, it can also get incredibly hot and stuffy. That being said, nights are Yab are almost always a guaranteed good time - just make sure you choose a night that suits your interests and mood. Warning: many foreigners find it difficult to understand the ticketing policy at Yab. The ticket they give you at the entrance is good for one drink, so you must show the ticket to the bartender to get stamped. For each following drink, they stamp your ticket again, but these drinks you're going to have to pay for at the end of the night at the "Cassa." There, you show your ticket and they charge you according to the number of stamps you've acquired throughout the night. Lose your ticket and you have to pay a hefty fee to exit the club!
nice enough
Sam R. Dec 13, 2012
Yab is famous and everyone who has visited Florence has been here and in the summers hip hop night is a big thing. The place is nice but it gets very hot in the basement and its hard to have a good time when its that hot. The Italian man problem is very big here as well where Italians come to pull foreigners. I feel sorry for the blond girls who get harassed by every Italian guy in a fifty food radius. Its good hip hop music and Yab is a good club but its easier if you go knowing what its like.
Monday nights at Yab are a must
Tara R. Aug 31, 2012
After our first Monday night at Yab, it became a tradition for the summer. We made friends with some Florentine promoters, which gets you around the steep cover charge. Prepare to get sweaty and pay more than you should for drinks, but if you're in the mood for a hip-hop night out, Monday nights have great music, a good crowd that mixes the locals with the study-abroads and tourists, and enough white trousers to make the dance floor glow in the dark.
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