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Space Electronic Located in the heart of the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood, Space Electronic is one of the city's most well-known clubs and is popular with an international and local clientele of university students. Florence Italy 43.7737429 11.2462344
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Space Electronic - Club in Florence.
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Party Earth Review Located in the heart of the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood, Space Electronic is one of the city’s most well-known clubs and is popular with an international and local clientele of university students. The club consists... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 10pm–4am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Space Electronic Review

The Scene

Located in the heart of the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood, Space Electronic is one of the city's most well-known clubs and is popular with an international and local clientele of university students.

Located in the heart of the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood, Space Electronic is one of the city’s most well-known clubs and is popular with an international and local clientele of university students.

The club consists of a large downstairs area, which is used as a karaoke lounge until midnight and which features a long bar with aquariums and tulip-shaped lounge chairs.

The upper level contains a sleek chrome-and-glass VIP lounge and a massive dance floor decked out in mirrored walls, two projection screens, smoke machines, laser lights, and even spaceship special effects.

More casual than some of Florence’s other dance clubs, the venue draws a wide range of young patrons dressed in everything from designer dresses to jeans and t-shirts – and none of them are afraid to get a bit rowdy.

As the night wears on, the exuberant partiers at Space Electronic often overindulge in cocktails and beer, which inevitably leads to some heavy flirting action and sultry table dancing.

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Tip from Lucas:

Space Electronic works on a card system where patrons pay the tab at the end of the night before they leave. Lost drink cards incur a €50 penalty.

  • Crowd

    International and local students, 16 to 25.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ spins pulsating club-pop and disco. Karaoke in the downstairs lounge until midnight.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge €16 or €10 for students – both includes one drink. Beer, wine, and cocktails €6.50–€8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekend nights around midnight when the crowd begins to arrive.

Space Electronic User Reviews

Average rating:
Adventures in Space
MATTHEW C. Aug 22, 2013
Sit down for a minute and close your eyes. Imagine a European discoteca. Large discoball- check. Top chart music- check. Elevated dancing spaces- check. Fog machine- check. Wet t-shirt nights- check. Large, intimidating bouncers- check. Tons and tons of guys- check. Open your eyes. You have just envisioned Space Electronic, the largest and most rowdy club in all of Florence. It is a fun place to go as its one of the best clubs for dancing in the city. However, be careful on which night you go. It is usually either empty or absolutely filled to the brink. Saturday night is consistently the best night, and occasionally, they hold themed parties which change the atmosphere as well. Like many have mentioned before, be careful with your drink card. Guard it with your life. And don't forget there is another bar located upstairs that is usually less busy than the lounge level one.
A different experience
Cody P. May 18, 2013
My time and memories at Space are varied. I first went while visiting from Rome and had a great time. It is a two, well three floor club. The first or ground floor is a massive bar and some couches where people congregate and drink. The second is a large dance floor, and the third is almost a ring-like track where people can observe, dance, drink, talk, etc. It is extremely touristy with a large MALE Italian population - ladies, watch out. Studying abroad with girls, their opinion of Space obviously varied but generally the amount of Italian guys actually turned them off the whole experience. Anyway, my perspective. It is fun. I saw Lloyd Banks perform (he was okay). You are guaranteed to meet new people, and if you are studying, or even passing through, the odds are you will meet someone who speaks the same language or maybe even someone you know or have a mutual connection with (happened three times for my friends and I). Bottom line: there are better places to party in Florence but it is nowhere near the worst place to go on a Saturday night with your friends to drink, dance, and listen to good music. Friendly tip: DO NOT lose your drink card. You will not like how much you will have to pay if this happens
Biggest Club in Florence
Danny H. Feb 28, 2013
After spending a semester in Florence, I can hands down say some of the best moments I had were at Space. Huge on Saturday and Monday nights, this 2 floor club is more than twice the size of any other club in Florence. Getting bottle service here is something you must check out, as the VIP section offers top quality partying and really makes you feel above the rest. The cover charge is worth it and the party scene is vibrant and a solid mix of American and Italians.
When in Florence, Space Electornic.
Dominika J. Feb 22, 2013
Italy was the final stop of a three-week, 11-country tour of Europe. When asked what the best place to spend a memorable night in Florence was, our travel book and group guide both pointed to Space Electronic. Situated in the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood near restaurants and shops, the quaint locale is the ideal location for travelers and locals to meet, mingle and dance. The first floor of the disco opens before midnight and serves as a karaoke bar and lounge, equipped with a wall-lining bar decorated with aquariums and modern, neon lighting. Pop and hip-hop music can be heard in the background, coaxing tempted karaoke-ers to try their talent at the mic stand. At midnight, passage to the upstairs club is granted where booming base, beaming lights and special effects reflect off the metal and glass panels of the spaceship-like decor of the vast dance area. Additional stairs allow clubbers access to another, perimeter level above the second floor, with protruding metal dance “baskets,” for a bird’s-eye-view of the action below. Projection screens above the club floor glow to the beat of modern hip-hop, pop and techno mixes as the DJ booth spins for the young masses and VIPs receive extra-special treatment within glass-paned rooms only steps away. With its friendly staff, wide variety of beers and cocktails to choose from all throughout the night and mixed array of international travelers and local party-goers, Space Electronic exceeds its reputation of a party you won’t forget.
Great time
Andrea C. Jan 3, 2013
Right when you walk into Space you know it is going to be a great night. The upstairs dance area is huge and has two levels. The drinks are a good price, and most importantly the music is great! I would definitely check it out if you are in Florence!
not my favorite
Anna V. Nov 20, 2012
It's not my favorite. The first time I went I had a really good time, but the second time was so bad that I left after about 10 minutes. The music wasn't good, there were not very many people, and the atmosphere was just lacking that fun upbeat club vibe. I don't know what changed in those 2 years between my first and second visit. The layout of Space is really cool, and it might be worth it to see if they have any events going on, but I definitely think there are much better places to go to while in Florence.
The Original Florentine Discoteca
Laurel Y. Nov 18, 2012
Space Electronic is the first dance club of its kind in Florence and is one of the few "discotecas" where the crowd is a mix between both local Italians and American students. On weekends there is a line down the sidewalk, but it moves pretty fast. The cover charge changes depending on what the entertainment is for that night. Space has been known to attract world famous DJs and has even had rap superstars come through, so it may be worth it to check their calendar of upcoming events. There are two floors in Space; the lower level has a large bar and dancefloor with a lounge area behind the DJ booth. The second floor has the huge dancefloor and main stage next to a smaller bar. There is even a smoking room up there! My only warning to anyone going to Space would be to guard the card they give you with your life! You have to make good on the punches on the card before you can leave, and the cost of losing this entry/drink card is 50 euro!
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