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Info Opened in 1979, Jazz Club Firenze is an underground, member’s only venue in Florence, Italy. The spot, which offers live music Tuesday through Saturday, and not limited to jazz, also features blues, funk, Brazilian, Cuban, and rock music. Peter Weller, Danilo Rea, and Barbara Casini are among past performers at the club. Events at Jazz Club Firenze include free Tuesday night jam sessions, Thursday blues nights, jazz workshops, and private parties. The club’s 5-Euro membership fee is a sweet deal for jazz lovers who can grab a 4-Euro beer, relax, and get lost in the velvety music coming from the stage. ... more


Via Nuova de' Caccini, 3
50121 Florence

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Florence Jazz Clubs Overview

Jazz Club Firenze - Jazz Club in Florence

You’re in Florence, you’ve got a hankering for some live jazz and you don’t know where to go or what to do. Unfortunately, you don’t actually have many options, but there are a couple of jazz clubs you can hit that will at least satiate your craving for a little sweet sounding saxophone.

Florence jazz clubs are few and far between, but the biggest and most well-known of them is unquestionably Jazz Club Firenze. Open from September to June, the club has hosted many famous musicians and has been the place to see live jazz since it opened in 1979.

Probably the only other mentionable jazz haunt in Florence is Pinocchio Jazz Club. Here, artists young and old spread the good word of jazz to a city that may not exactly know it exists.

For true lovers of the art form, there isn’t the greatest variety of jazz clubs in Florence, however, for a taste of those toe-tapping tunes and for something definitely out of the norm of a regular Florentine night, check out Jazz Club Firenze or Pinocchio Jazz Club and you just might start to wonder why there aren’t more venues opening at that moment.

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