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Weezer - Buddy Holly
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Weezer - Buddy Holly 8,457,291 views
Weezer - Undone -- The Sweater Song 4,644,025 views
Weezer - Island In The Sun (Spike Jonze Version) 11,099,621 views
Weezer - Say It Ain't So 5,437,013 views
Weezer - Beverly Hills 3,414,453 views
(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To 4,678,377 views
Weezer - Hash Pipe 3,898,537 views
Weezer - Pork And Beans 4,194,921 views
Weezer - "Memories" 2,016,650 views
Weezer - Paranoid Android 599,085 views
Weezer - Keep Fishin' 1,993,351 views
Weezer - We Are All On Drugs 2,393,810 views
Weezer - El Scorcho (Director's Cut) 1,198,899 views

Weezer User Comments

Skylar H. May 29, 2013
To me, Weezer is a one-album wonder (or maybe 1.5 albums). Admittedly, I haven't heard Pinkerton, an indie favorite but commercial flop, which may bump that number up to 2 assuming I agree with critical consensus. However, knowing the rest of Weezer's discography, the only album I can stand to listen to is their "Blue Album", a.k.a. their first release in 1994. I may be biased towards 90s rock, but it's interesting how I love that album, yet find almost anything they've put out in the 2000s to be annoyingly bad. All of Weezer's music is simple, but the simplicity was likable and fresher on the Blue Album, and just became annoying later. I give nods to "Hash Pipe" and "Island in the Sun" from 2001 for being memorable songs from my early teens, but moving on to painful singles like "Beverly Hills" and "Pork and Beans", it's clear that Weezer attempting to translate its nerd-rock formula into contemporary times isn't going to parallel the band's older work. The lyrics and choruses are childish, the power-pop styled riffs are uninspired. Stick with the Blue Album and you'll have pretty much everything you need from Weezer.
Nikki L. Sep 11, 2012
I saw Weezer at the Palladium after they released the Red Album. It was probably the biggest indoor venue I'd ever been in, and as such, for the first time ever I was in the stands, not on the floor, so it was a completely different experience for me. Everything seemed so much smaller and quieter, and there was way too much room, but not enough room at the same time. I'm sure on the floor, there would have been way more screaming, way more pushing, and just way more love, but up in the stands, it was hard to really catch all the little details that a live performance usually hangs on. That being said, the show itself was HUGE -- big enough to get it's point across that venue, despite the distance. It was full of big visual gimmicks (costume changes, trampolines, confetti guns, etc.) and really abbreviated corny banter. Just the kind of stuff that makes us love Weezer. Think of any random Raditude lyric, and you'll remember. It's so confidently cheesy, it's amazing. In my dreams, I jump off that rail and crowd surf it right into the pit.

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