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The Weeknd - Wicked Games
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The Weeknd - Wicked Games 10,620,644 views
The Weeknd - The Zone (feat. Drake) 5,233,463 views
The Weeknd - What You Need 5,920,527 views
The Weeknd - High For This 8,373,426 views
The Weeknd - House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls 2,130,844 views
The Weeknd - The Morning 4,140,795 views
The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Remix) 3,595,084 views
The Weeknd Live @ Coachella 2012 245,701 views
The Weeknd - The Knowing (Official Video) 902,955 views

The Weeknd User Comments

Skylar H. Feb 4, 2013
Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd was probably my favorite new artist of 2011. Unfortunately I think he set the bar so high for himself with his first album "House of Balloons" that his subsequent releases in his album "trilogy" didn't do as much for me that year. I remember how much mystery there was surrounding this enigmatic new artist who had minimal information available, yet was able to drop this masterpiece of contemporary R&B without letting much be known about himself or even what he looked like except for a couple equally mysterious photos. Of course the hype grew, and now Abel has been fully revealed as an artist and is enjoying worldwide appreciation in the R&B world. I have to give major credit to the producers of "House of Balloons" though for being a large part of what made me enjoy that album so much, the dark atmospheres laid down in the instruments and samples. Coupled with the lyrics and Abel's vulnerable sounding voice, the album was sort of an "anti-R&B" R&B album that didn't revel in feel-good songs about romancing women and partying it up, but instead evoked imagery of the somber aftermath to love gone wrong seen through a lens of drugs and pain. The Weeknd's subsequent albums kept a similar feel, but not nearly as heavy as the debut, which remains an emotional and thoughtful landmark of 2011.

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