Slightly Stoopid

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Slightly Stoopid
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Slightly Stoopid Tour Dates

Jul 19 Sat

Concert / Reggae / Rock

5:30 pm
Los Angeles, United States / Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (Irvine, CA) Slightly Stoopid
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Slightly Stoopid Videos

Slightly Stoopid-Closer to the Sun
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Slightly Stoopid-Closer to the Sun 3,216,612 views
Slightly Stoopid - Collie Man (Lyrics) 1,153,923 views
Slightly Stoopid - Wiseman 1,630,198 views
Slightly Stoopid - 2 AM (with lyrics) 2,007,128 views
Slightly Stoopid - Wiseman 3,011,405 views
Slightly Stoopid - This Joint 1,551,603 views
slightly stoopid - officer 189,707 views
Slightly Stoopid - Runnin With A Gun (Official Video) 218,060 views

Slightly Stoopid User Comments

Natalie M. Oct 23, 2012
These guys are fun! All of their tunes are classic beats to chill and burn one on the beach to, which is a common activity in Half Moon Bay where I'm from. I saw them at a random festival in Santa Rosa, and there weren't too many people so we got right up close, and it was so much fun! Everyone was waving joints in the air and singing along, and they do all this improvisation on their instruments that's really impressive. I'm not a fan of their harder rock stuff, but most of their music is so uplifting. Sweet Honey is my all-time favorite, and the ones mentioned above are also some of my favorites.
Deepak H. Oct 5, 2012
Slightly Stoopid is another...umm shall I say more stoner acoustic rock band?...that I really like! My friend first made me listen to them. Ever since I have really liked their music. They are not too mainstream so don't expect to have a sell out concert at the Madison Square Garden or TD Garden. They may, however, play at the Santa Barbara Bowl or some beach venues. As mentioned before most of their songs are about weed or drugs or people getting stoned but it is a more happy songs (if you kind of get what I mean). My favorite songs are Collie Man, Closer to the Sun, Officer and Wiseman!

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