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Best of Kevin Hart- I'm a Grown Little Man
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Best of Kevin Hart- I'm a Grown Little Man 8,971,858 views
Kevin Hart Kids 5,266,922 views
Kevin Hart: Bass-Schuler Entertainment 1,162,396 views
Kevin Hart Gives Chris Brown a Dance Lesson For The BET Awards 2,661,289 views
Kevin Hart: Scared of dolphins 1,376,820 views
Kevin Hart Loses His Shoe A Lot 845,641 views
Kevin Hart 40 Year Old Virgin 2,919,714 views
Kevin Hart - Gym (I'm a Grown Little Man) 677,204 views

Kevin Hart User Comments

Austin K. May 14, 2013
If you are a religious stand-up comic fan the question that probably has tugged at your sleeve and irked you since 2006 six is: Where is Chappelle? Yes Dave Chappelle, the one that arrived in 2003 and answered all of our problems. Well maybe not answered but distracted us at least. He pushed all boundaries even when they pushed back. He came and amazed in a little over two years to vanish before we could capture his magic. In his departure he left a hole in the comedy circuit that has yet to be filled. Well, actually I think one comic is in the midst of doing some patch-up work. His name is Kevin Hart. What is so attractive about his routine is how genuine and relatable it can be. He is a brilliant performer because he has the uncanning ability to tell a story with all its frivolous and minute details. He tucks the audience in bed and opens the book for his life. In Laugh At My Pain and I'm a Grown Little Man he shapes the characters that essential help to understand who he is. If you want to know Kevin Hart take a look at his grandma, who pretends to be asleep when the intensity of an awkward moment reaches its climax. If you want to know Kevin Hart take a look at his uncle who is fresh out of the penitentiary and has lost all social capabilities. By the time you leave you will feel you have been a tenant in the Hart residence. He has opened up his home to us and I've got to say I enjoy being apart of it.
Atema A. Jan 25, 2013
Kevin Hart! I absolutely love this talented and innovated comedian and he just keeps popping up everywhere! He has the be the best comedian ever! From his stand-up comedy shows like Laugh at My Pain or Seriously Funny to movies he's featured in like Little Fockers and Think Like a Man, he has proven that he is here and isn't going anywhere! I look forward to watching his new standup show that'll be in theaters this summer, Let Me Explain! Alright Alright Alright!
Philtrina F. Dec 28, 2012
Kevin Hart world renown actor,rapper and comedian who is seriously funny. Although Kevin didn't start off popular he came a long way and is well respected for what he does. Since 2001 he has been staring in movies such as North Hollywood but really made a debut with his stand up comedy "I'm A Grown Little Man". Hosting numerous awards shows and receiving awards his success does not stop there. Kevin Hart is great man with a love for entertaining people, with that being said he will go a long way.
Sonya N. Oct 5, 2012
Kevin Hart is a talented/fabulous comedian. He is truly gifted and is one of the best comedians out right now. Kevin Hart is my new all time favorite comedian because he makes me laugh out loud. He is unforgettable, hilarious and ridiculously FUNNY! His jokes are real and everyone is able to relate in some way. I love that he laughs at himself and incorporates family stories in his act. Everyone connects with his family stories/jokes. I desperately want to go see Kevin Hart when he performs in LA. He is worth every cent. This man is beyond funny...He is a great entertainer! ~S

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