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After the breakup of The Format in 2008, lead singer Nate Ruess joined up with Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train to form the indie pop band fun.. The band is based in New York City and has won the hearts of fans all over the world... ... read more

fun. Videos

Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 3,368,453 views
Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 4,697,874 views
Fun.: Carry On [OFFICIAL VIDEO] 304 views
fun. - All The Pretty Girls [Official Music Video] 861,019 views
fun. - Walking the Dog and Barlights Live 11/13/09 7,615 views
fun. - Walking The Dog [Official Music Video] 439,923 views
Fun. Performs "We Are Young" HD - CONAN on TBS 1,951,554 views
fun. - Be Calm [AUDIO] 555,242 views
fun. - The Gambler (Live in Tucson) 28,285 views
fun. Barlights live at Rochester (9-13-09) 1,875 views
fun. - All The Pretty Girls [Live] 18,271 views

fun. Bio


After the breakup of The Format in 2008, lead singer Nate Ruess joined up with Andrew Dost of Anathallo and Jack Antonoff of Steel Train to form the indie pop band fun.. The band is based in New York City and has won the hearts of fans all over the world with their hit 2012 single “We Are Young”. fun. debuted with the release of Aim and Ignite in 2009. The album made it to number 3 on Billboard’s US Tastemaker Albums chart and helped establish fun. as an international pop sensation.

In 2012, fun. released Some Nights, which quickly went Gold selling over 500,000 copies worldwide. The single “Some Nights” shot up on top ten charts around the world and went platinum in the USA. But it was the single, “We Are Young” that became an instant summer hit, launching the members of fun. into global pop stardom. Featuring the vocals of R&B artist Janelle Monáe, “We Are Young” topped the US Billboard Hot 100, Digital Songs, and UK Singles charts. And the single became the first song in history to have over 300,000 weekly downloads for seven consecutive weeks.

fun. won the Teen Choice Awards in 2012 for Choice Rock Group and “We Are Young” won the Teen Choice Awards for Choice Single by a Group. With catchy rock anthems and chart-topping pop hits, tickets to fun. shows sell out fast. When fun. plays live in concert, they tend to pack out entire stadiums with thousands of fans singing along in unison.

fun. User Comments

Brett C. Jul 23, 2013
Fun. is one of those bands that, when they come on the radio, I immediately change the channel. Nate Ruess’ voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, just too whiney to be enjoyable, and the band’s lyrics and themes seem overly simple and obvious. They remind me of a band simply checking off “indie cred” check boxes, but lacking in authenticity that shines through in many of the musical acts that I prefer. The constant barrage of licensing that’s come their way in the past year or two makes a lot of sense as studios and companies look to reach younger audiences using “hip, modern sounds.” In other words, it’s watered down indie rock that’s digestible for the masses but ultimately unsatisfying compared to full-flavored alternatives. I guess that I can see the appeal (and they’re still infinitely more tolerable than Justin Bieber), but they’re just not for me. If you’re looking for light and upbeat summer music, check out Grouplove, San Cisco, or The Postelles instead.
Anonymous Feb 13, 2013
Fun. recently came to our campus and it was amazing! They preformed for free and hit every high note while leaving room for the fans to sing-along. My girlfriends and I loved rocking out to our favorite songs and listening to their new hits. Can't wait for them to come back!
Skylar H. Jan 24, 2013
Well, a broad variety of opinions is always good, so here's mine. I've truthfully found this band to be one of the most irritating musical fads to emerge in recent times. Admittedly, all I've heard is their radio singles which were force-fed over the airwaves 10 times a day and played into the ground, but having the same opinion about all of those tracks is enough for me to generalize their broader work. Somewhere I read the comparison that these guys were like an attempted modern-day incarnation of Queen, I guess due to the flamboyant style of the vocals and music, which I guess makes sense in terms of my opinion since I didn't like Queen's style in the first place. There's something about their name also, with that pointless period (is that supposed to be clever?), which screams pretentiousness to me. I'll admit fun.'s songs are excellent in terms of pop sensibility, lyrically and melodically... those choruses sure got stuck in your head. And sure, there is worse music out there, and less talented musicians making more money than fun., but I really can't see the massive hype behind this band.
Sandy S. Aug 16, 2012
The Wiltern is a great setting for Fun to be playing at. I am so sick of hearing them incessantly on the radio that I can't wait to watch them live.
Sam A. Aug 12, 2012
I will be seeing Fun's concert at The Wiltern on Saturday. Should be awesome. This is the first time I'm getting to see them live. Really hope Fun plays Some Nights.

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