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Dirt Nasty
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Dirt Nasty - "1980"
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Dirt Nasty - "1980" 5,997,160 views
Dirt Nasty feat. LMFAO - I Can't Dance 3,527,864 views
Dirt Nasty feat. Beardo - "Drugs On My Mind" 1,006,611 views
Andy Milonakis & Dirt Nasty - Freestyle Rap Battle 11,145 views
Dirt Nasty "Being Simon Rex" 39,587 views
Dirt Nasty - "Cracker Ass Fantastic" 1,562,517 views
Dirt Nasty - Miami Nights (feat. Ke$ha and Benji Hughes) 120,625 views

Dirt Nasty User Comments

Gabe L. Aug 15, 2012
I'm pretty sure Dirt Nasty was an actor on some TV show with Amanda Bynes that I used to watch as a kid. NOw he is a really vulgar rapper. I don't know too much about this dude, but I find the song "1980" absolutely hilarious. It makes me wish I was born in the 80s a little bit. You should definitely check out the video above!

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