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Born in 1981 in Ontario, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”), has become a legend in electronic music. He is most recognizable by his costume mouse head, called the “mau5head.” His career began in... ... read more

deadmau5 Videos

deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire - Ghosts N Stuff
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deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire - Ghosts N Stuff 9,595,005 views
Deadmau5 Live @ Coachella 2010 Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff (Rob Swire) Full Set HD 720p 1,287,529 views
Deadmau5 - Right This Second (OFFICIAL) 1,022,772 views
deadmau5 - Strobe live @ SPACE, Ibiza 09 890,122 views
deadmau5 - Bad Selection 706,221 views
deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember 3,768,555 views
Medina - You & I (Deadmau5 Remix) 4,983,018 views
deadmau5 does denver 1,200,198 views
Deadmau5 - Strobe (Club Edit) 1,671,687 views
deadmau5 7,868 views
Kaskade & deadmau5 - Move For Me (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 10,136,856 views
Morgan Page Feat. Lissie - Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) 752,834 views
moar ghosts n whatever 1,284,158 views
deadmau5 ft Rob Swire - Ghosts 'n' Stuff 2,580,950 views
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix) 966,296 views
Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version) 6,495,197 views
Deadmau5 - Alone With You [Full] 1,060,633 views
duelingOP 86,052 views
deadmau5 "Strobe" 6,086,076 views
Deadmau5 FT. Kaskade - I Remember 1,544,502 views
deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (HQ) 6,461,603 views
Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin 6,722,323 views
Deadmau5 - Some Chords (HD) 3,998,773 views
deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon 3,452,068 views
deadmau5 @ Stereosonic 552,536 views

deadmau5 Bio


Born in 1981 in Ontario, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”), has become a legend in electronic music. He is most recognizable by his costume mouse head, called the “mau5head.”

His career began in the 1990s with a number of self-released compilations of original tracks that he created on his computer. Soon after the 2005 release of his debut album, Get Scraped, deadmau5 began his own record label, mau5trap, which now features a number of famous producers including Feed Me, Moguai, and Michael Woods.

In 2007, trance sensation Armin Van Buuren named deadmau5 “Producer of 2007” and in 2008, his popularity grew immensely after releasing a track with Kaskade, entitled “I Remember.” Later that year, he was named “Best Progressive House Artist” by Beatport and became the most awarded DJ/producer of the Beatport Music Awards.

Since then, deadmau5 has steadily become one of the biggest phenomenons in house music. He has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the house, trance, and electro music scenes, including Skrillex, Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, Calvin Harris, Wolfgang Gartner, and Justice.

Throughout all this, deadmau5 maintains that he is not a DJ. Unlike many other artists, deadmau5’s shows comprise largely of his original tracks and he is adamant about not using any CDs. His shows sell out in minutes and he has played at some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles and Creamfields in the UK.

He is best known for his tracks, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff,” “Raise Your Weapon,” “Strobe,” “The Veldt,” and “Aural Psynapse.”

deadmau5 User Comments

Sung H. Nov 9, 2012
Deadmau5 has been taking over the EDM scene over the last 5+ years. Surprisingly, it was a dawn of a new kind of DJ--one who produces and mixes his own songs in his own event. Apart from the spectacular lighting that accompanies his music, Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the mouse mask, has masterminded his own signature sound which, to a lot of hardcore fans, sees an inevitable evolution towards mainstream appeal. Sitting at the fulcrum for the past decade, we will see if his artistry will find newer audiences of hipster and scene kids to a proto-uber-contemporary music lovers like that of Amon Tobin or even Kronos Quartet.
Shirish J. Oct 6, 2012
Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5, has been at the top of the EDM scene. His songs like 'Strobe', 'Professional Griefers', 'The longest Road', 'Raise your Weapon' have certainly won over a lot of fans. While known for his mau5head image, he is also known for being one of the nerdiest musicians, being extremely open with his fans, and causing controversy, usually by speaking what is exactly on his mind. He just released a new album which includes collaborations with My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way. Definitely want to see him live some time soon.
Natalie M. Sep 17, 2012
I definitely dig deadmau5's music, like all of it. Unfortunately the times I have seen him live were not that impressive.. Well okay, at Coachella 2010 he was AWESOME and I basically signed on to electro because of his performance; I had never liked that kind of music that much before and went to EDC that year just to see him. Unfortunately I was disappointed, he didn't really play any of his own songs at EDC 2010, it was just a minimal beat basically the whole time. I still gave him another chance though at Outside Lands 2011 and was still not impressed, same kinda thing with the minimal beats. If you go into it not expecting too much, you'll probably have fun, but don't expect him to play stuff you know! Ghosts n Stuff was obviously the highlight at OL but besides that I was bored.
Kira A. Sep 12, 2012
I'm a long-time fan of Deadmau5 and have seen him live a number of times. It's true he's had some ups and downs in experimenting with different genres (dubstep phase...not his best work) but in the end his sound is unique and I absolutely love it. His technical knowledge is also very apparent and I think it's great that he's so involved in the lighting and presentation of his live shows. I saw him for the first time in 2009 when his career had just taken off and I was completely blown away. It's true he is kind of a pretentious a**hole who thinks he's on top of the world, but hey if I was deadmau5 I would be too. So I'll cut him some slack.
Nikki L. Aug 21, 2012
I don't understand what is up with deadmau5. As a former venue lighting tech, I feel like most of his appeal is coming from the production value of his shows -- the costume, the lights -- instead of the actual quality of the music. In my opinion, deadmau5 doesn't have a sound of his own (like Tiesto, for example). He's a DJ in the worst kind of way. It really doesn't help that someone once yelled "Yeah, go watch the Arcade Fire!" at me as I was leaving a deadmau5 show. Right, because anyone who doesn't want to listen to deadmau5 must love the Arcade Fire. Way to represent an already polarizing fanbase. Frankly, #notimpressed

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