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Dam-Funk - Mirrors
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Dam-Funk - Mirrors 236,259 views
Dam-Funk - Hood Pass Intact (Official Video, Vocal Version) 194,952 views
Dam-Funk - (My Funk goes) "On and On" (2009) 158,306 views
Dam-Funk Live 15,735 views
Dam-Funk - Fisticated 25,867 views
Dam Funk - Galactic Fun 80,464 views
Dam-Funk - I Wanna Thank U 4 Steppin' Into My Life (Piano Version) 70,988 views
Dam-Funk - Toeachizown 165,465 views
Dam-Funk "Hood Pass Intact" (2009) 99,843 views
Dam Funk - Rollin' 22,290 views

DāM-FunK User Comments

Skylar H. Feb 22, 2013
DāM-FunK (pronounced dame-funk) is an artist I'm really glad that Stones Throw picked up. Dam-Funk represents a modern movement of artists whose favorite style is the electronic funk ("boogie funk" for the music geek term) that was prominent in the 1980s. This means tracks with super fat synthesizers, electronic beats, and swirling atmospheric backgrounds, as opposed to the hard drums and traditional instrumentation of the funk in the 60s and 70s. Dam-Funk has advocated frequently that while his music is based in a style primarily prominent in the past, he's not about being a "retro" artist, and is more about bringing this largely forgotten style into the future. And he definitely does so well, creating tracks that have a heavy foundation in electronics and a wide array of synthesizers, but doing it without making the music cheesy-sounding, like the 80s were notorious for. Dam-Funk is also an avid record digger for lost boogie records (in addition to knowing everything going on with his funk contemporaries) and has released a couple of killer mixes. You can tell he lives and breathes the funk! Check out his massive album Toeachizown, and his mix "The Future Sound of Modern Funk" for smooth listening.

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