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Do Ya Like - Childish Gambino
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Do Ya Like - Childish Gambino 1,163,472 views
Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix) ft. Childish Gambino 1,420,131 views
childish gambino - bitch, look at me now 861,860 views
"Untouchable" by Childish Gambino 162,177 views
Childish Gambino - Bonfire (Full/CDQ/Dirty) [NEW 2011] 163,201 views
Childish Gambino-I Be On That 112,047 views
Childish Gambino - Got This Money with Donald Glover (Acoustic Hotel Version) 180,815 views
Kanye West - All of the Lights (Childish Gambino Remix) 434,113 views
Childish Gambino - I Be On That 256,460 views
"Get Like Me" By, Childish Gambino 242,717 views
Break (AOTL) - Childish Gambino 641,990 views

Childish Gambino User Comments

Meaghan C. Jun 21, 2013
I am eternally grateful to my university for giving us a free Childish Gambino concert. I mean for my education. I mena that free Childish Gambino concert. I don't think I'm the first lady to be won over by his E. E. Cummings reference in Freaks and Geeks, and I won't be the last. You'll be happy to find more brilliant and heartbroken and rage-filled lyrics in all of his songs. It'll take you a few listens to get all of the cultural references he makes, but he's been kind enough to provide all of his music online for free, so there's no reason for you to misunderstand when you're yelling along. Donald Glover is an absolute powerhouse with his writing, acting and standup comedy, but none of that matters once he's onstage for music. If witty rappers make you swoon, prepare to fall in love.
Oluseye O. Apr 27, 2013
Childish Gambino has to be one of the most eclectic rappers/performers I know of. With his songs discussing anything from miseducation to unacceptance among similar beings or personalities, his music is relatable to just about anyone. As a performer, he is very collected and cool. He makes the audience feel as though he's just as regular as they are. He cracks jokes with the audience between songs and recognizes all the love and praise they have to give. Watching him live, you notice that everybody knows every lyric to every song and with his music full of awesome instrumentals, messages, and life who can blame them? Over all, Childish Gambino is an excellent artist, live or not.
Nick T. Sep 26, 2012
One of the coolest performers I've seen live, and absolutely a top 5 rap show in my book. Gambino is a smart guy and knows how to design his shows to get the crowd into them. He is also really funny when he addresses the audience. One thing to know about Childish Gambino songs is that most of the people in the crowd, at least from my experience, will know almost every word to basically every song. This makes his concerts a ton of fun because how much the crowd loves it, but it can also make for a semi-awkward concert experience if you only know a song or two. All in all, there are few performers currently touring that I would recommend higher than Childish Gambino

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