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Carl Cox
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Carl Cox @ Elrow Barcelona [DanceTrippin Episode #299]
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Carl Cox @ Elrow Barcelona [DanceTrippin Episode #299] 379,174 views
Carl Cox @ Space Opening Party, Ibiza - 2010-05-30 (NightFlight) HD 27,433 views
Carl Cox - Space 202,267 views
Carl Cox -Space 2008 85,957 views
Carl Cox - Ultra Music Festival 62,036 views
Carl Cox - Housefrau 81,788 views

Carl Cox User Comments

Skylar H. Sep 26, 2013
An undisputed legend of electronic music, but unfortunately an artist who I feel doesn't get his recognition from the new generation of EDM fans who only look for particular styles from their DJs. Carl Cox represents a foundational era of electronic music, with more repetitive beats and more focus on dancefloor consistency than flashy buildups or DJ hype, but his style (tech house and techno) is one that I see all too often get written off as "boring" because it's different than what most people have come to expect from EDM. Carl Cox was ranked the #1 global DJ before the majority of the household name DJs were even in the business! It's good to see that he at least gets his respect due from festival/club organizers, who name an entire stage after him and give him residencies in Ibiza and the like, but I still wish more people would appreciate DJs like Carl for building the foundation of electronic music today that has been taken for granted.

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