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Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
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Arcade Fire - Ready to Start 2,470,705 views
David Bowie & The Arcade Fire - Wake Up 3,155,536 views
Arcade Fire - UNSTAGED: Pre-Show Behind the Scenes 109,424 views
Arcade Fire - Wake Up 5,871,880 views
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs 3,348,199 views

Arcade Fire User Comments

Skylar H. Apr 12, 2013
Arcade Fire definitely set the bar VERY high for indie artists in the 2000s and beyond. I feel like no artist in the near future will come close the amount of consistent praise they've gotten, especially for their debut album Funeral. It's difficult to describe what makes them stand out so much -- maybe it's their incorporation of so many musicians, unique instruments, or creating the "baroque" sound which brings the element of grandiosity to their songs. The songwriting is excellent, the songs are catchy without really feeling like pop songs. The band really just did its own thing and has been bringing albums that are truly unique and cohesive, and the appreciation they've gotten for that is well deserved. I hope to see them live one day!
Sarah S. Mar 27, 2013
I witnessed the glory that is an Arcade Fire show two years ago at the tenth anniversary of Bonnaroo. To say the show was epic is an understatement. After a long day in the sun, and countless DJs and bands I was pretty exhausted and did not think I could rally. However, once the spectacular light show began I couldn't stop dancing. Their energy was contagious and spread through the entire crowd. I don't think a single person was standing still. Their set was everything a concert should be and more. When the lights finally went out I was begging for more.
Nikki L. Aug 21, 2012
I saw these guys at Outside Lands in 2011. I have to admit, I've never been a fan, but this show was pretty epic. I'd compare it to Muse's set earlier in the day. And you could tell that they won over a lot of people. It was part of a huge festival, so the crowd was pretty mixed. But even those way back near the center of the festival, or chilling in sponsor tents, were watching the screens the whole time. Like we weren't planning to watch, but just couldn't help it. Of course, I don't feel like I just HAVE to see Arcade Fire every time they're in town now, but I'd take it over deadmau5 any day.

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