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ADELE - Skyfall
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ADELE - Skyfall 65,467,414 views
Adele - "Rolling In The Deep" 35,066,386 views
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Live at The Royal Albert Hall) 33,974,996 views
Adele - ''Someone Like You'' 23,465,245 views
Rumour Has It - Adele (Official 2011 Song) 838,133 views
Adele - "Hometown Glory" 14,973,815 views
ADELE - "Cold Shoulder" 4,909,010 views
ADELE - "Chasing Pavements" 4,924,189 views
Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Live from the Tabernacle, London, 24 January 2011) 2,312,778 views
BRIT AWARDS 2011 ADELE Performing Live 444,989 views
One and Only - Adele (Lyrics) 2,386,752 views

Adele User Comments

Ebisiemen A. Jul 3, 2013
It’s rare that an artist allows themselves to get into the meaning of their songs and Adele managed to do that beautifully, without losing control of her delivery and without deviating from the original melody of the song. This performance was in my opinion the signifying transition of Adele the underdog to Adele the worldwide star, despite being a star to her long time fans, Adele finally through that performance, through that song and through this album became Adele the timeless musician. ‘Someone Like You’ leaves the listeners with the unforgettable story of a woman that in her inability to not move on from the love she once had, will do everything in her power to settle for second best, the closest thing to her previous lover, whom Adele describes as ‘someone like you’.
Ebisiemen A. Jul 3, 2013
Now if you are not already on the Adele golden laced carriage (not bandwagon, because her standard is above that of any mediocre form of transport lol), then her second studio single 'Someone Like You' off her second studio album '21' will definitely set you directly on her musical pathway. Adele is a movement in herself. Her powerful soulful voice takes the listener on a journey, in tune with the soft piano melody and earnest lyrics that instantly connect the listener to the story of a hurting lover, who ponders on a love she once had. This song for me proves lyrically, vocally and melodically amazing. The power with which Adele belts out the line ‘Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you’, echoes the feeling of a lover who hasn’t moved on from her previous love, yet still has hope in finding someone like her previous partner. Not only does her delivery of this line make it so powerful, but the intensity and depth in the pain of a broken relationship comes through astoundingly in the emotion in that line. She continues to sing ‘Don’t forget me, I beg, I remember you said, ‘Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead’, ‘Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead’’. The irony of such resonant words coming from someone, whom Adele portrays as the man who broke her heart, changes words otherwise easily forgotten, to words that carry true heartfelt meaning in the context of a failed relationship. Adele channels the feelings of those who have ever broken up with someone they truly loved, in lines such as ‘I wish nothing but the best for you, too’, portraying the undying love that is often characteristic of a relationship centred around true love. Adele fails not to touch on the finality of an ended relationship by telling the story of a man that has moved on, whilst his previous partner hasn’t. ‘I heard that you’ve settled down, That you found a girl and you’re married now’, proves so cutting emotionally, causing even those whom have never experienced the pain being portrayed, to share in it for every single moment that this song lasts. The feeling of inadequacy she conjures in the lines ‘I guess she gave you things, I didn’t give to you’, touches on the common female comparisons to their ex lovers current partner. Adele in the lines, ‘I heard that your dreams came true’ depicts a lover whose dream lost in her previous partner, becomes his dream in the form of his new relationship, all of which is at the expense of her happiness. Although, the lyrics within this song are truthfully meaningful, Adele’s delivery of this song is equally worth recognition. Her soulful but subtle runs make this song that much more touching. The power in her delivery changes what could potentially have been presented as a sappy song to an honest and precise depiction of pain in love. I particularly love the way she delivers the line ‘dreams came true’ and ‘old friend, why you soo shy’ the coarse breaks in her voice, add to the real raw vocals that make the talent that is Adele. The pre-chorus ‘I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, But I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it, I’d hoped you see my face and be reminded that for me it isn’t over’, is rather colourfully one of my favourite parts of the song. The melodic delivery within this pre-chorus is very unconventional for a ‘British’ love song, which in more ways than none is what Adele embodies musically. I love how it differs in tune from the prior verse, fastening the pace of the song and then ending on a low note in preparation for Adele’s powerful delivery of ‘Nevermind, I’ll find someone like you’. Within it, (the prechorus) she paints the circumstance in which she remeets this old love, however its almost as if you wish she never did, as this very moment reveals as in the words ‘I’d hoped’ imply she didn’t receive what she expected, leaving you feeling as though the guy had not seen the pain she felt was written all over, or rather bluntly didn’t feel the same way enough to care. The video being her 2011 Brit Awards performance is what music videos lack nowadays, something that can merge the story being portrayed in the song in the artists performance, without losing or taking away from the intensity of the artists vocals. This music video with a classy olden day Elizabeth Taylor style glamour centres solely on Adele. With a silent and awe struck audience all that takes centre stage is her vocals, the intensity of which is felt even more in the silence. Nothing is set in place to take away from it, it proves a simplistic mic performance, however excluding the boredom of over-simplicity. Adeles close to home lyrics came out in her emotional performance, her eyes tearing up as the camera zoomed in close enough for all to see.
Samuel H. Oct 26, 2012
It seems like she appeared out of thin air and rocked everyones worlds. I dont know if there is any song that has been remixed more than Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I've probably heard a good 55 versions of it, but that's because it is a brilliant song. I'm not sure that the rest of her work is quite as great as Rolling in the Deep but you gotta respect her work, the girl can sing!
Chad F. Oct 4, 2012
Big fan of Adele. I have a crush on her and want to tell her she doesn't need to be so lonely and she should just come hang with me. She deserves every bit of kudos she's getting right now. Her voice is freaking amazing....we don't have anything like Adele out right now and thank god she's around to bring back really talented people. And in a world where Katy Perry and Britney Spears are ruling pop music, and so many clueless people are being told they're talented on one of the many TV singing competition shows on TV, it's nice to have an artist belt out and sell music based on their talent and not their tassels and twirlies. Not since "Every Breath You Take", has their been such an amazing iconic, legendary, goosebump-forming song like "Rolling In The Deep". And I just got done listening to her sing the new James Bond song and it's breathtaking. Go Adele!

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