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Bars in Ukrainian Village Overview

Fatpour Tap Works - American Restaurant | Brewery | Sports Bar in Ukrainian Village, Chicago

As hipsters migrate from the creeping prices of Wicker Park, neighboring Ukrainian Village gladly absorbs them into its cool-cat dive bars. Watering holes in the eclectic neighborhood come in all stripes, but residents are rightfully proud of its longstanding institutions. Many bars in the Ukrainian Village have been holding on since Capone’s time, and they have no intention of bowing to real-estate developers or PR men.

Among Ukrainian Village bars are two legendary rocker spots, the Rainbo Club and The Empty Bottle. The Rainbo Club has been chugging along since 1936 and has seen many neighborhood shifts; when 90s stars like the Smashing Pumpkins and Liz Phair used to hang out here, no respectable cabbie would frequent the area for fares. Now that the area is full of booming business, the dive sees a mix of old-school regulars and Pitchfork Music types in fedoras. The Empty Bottle hasn’t been around as long, but it’s been hosting bands seven nights a week since 1992. Music aficionados can still rely on the spot for genuine talent and cutting-edge acts.

Ah, but gentrification creeps along. Cutesy boutiques and chic sidewalk cafés now dot Division Street, and slicker joints are starting to cater to a slightly more upmarket crowd. Breweries and wine bars set up shop with eye-catching new signs, and they pull in a clientele equal parts edgy and yuppie. Still, sports bars like Fatpour Tap Works are a far cry from fratty counterparts in Wrigleyville or Lincoln Square. The new class of Ukie Village bars may not have the accumulated soot of decades of smokers, but they don’t betray the neighborhood’s historical feel.

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