The Museum of Science and Industry

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The Museum of Science and Industry - Museum in Chicago.
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INFO Located next to the lake in Hyde Park, the Museum of Science and Industry occupies an imposing building from the World Columbian Exhibition of 1893, the event featured in the bestselling book The Devil in the White City... ... read more

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    Hyde Park
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    5700 S. Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, IL 60637

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The Museum of Science and Industry Information

The Museum of Science and Industry - Museum in Chicago.

Located next to the lake in Hyde Park, the Museum of Science and Industry occupies an imposing building from the World Columbian Exhibition of 1893, the event featured in the bestselling book The Devil in the White City. Of the 200 buildings built for the event, only the Museum of Science and Industry and one nearby building are still standing. The museum has been in the building since 1926.

With over 2,000 exhibits in 75 major halls, the Museum of Science and Industry is the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Long-standing exhibits include a working coal mine, a German submarine captured in World War II, and a 3,500-square-foot model railroad. Rotating exhibits are about all kinds of topics, from the history of the Muppets to the science behind Mythbusters. Giant Christmas trees decorated for different cultures are a big draw during the holidays.

The Museum of Science and Industry has an annex, the Henry Crown Space Center, which has an Omnimax movie theater and exhibits like the Apollo 8 spacecraft. Interactive exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry keep kids and adults entertained.

Adult admission to the Museum of Science and Industry is $15 ($13 for Chicago residents), with add-on prices for special exhibits, Ominmax movies, and parking.

The Museum of Science and Industry User Reviews

Average rating:
Fun AND educational, no matter how old you are!
Carissa L. Jun 28, 2013
This is my favorite of Chicago’s museums. Unfortunately I’ve only been there for work (as a nanny) so I’m constantly being dragged from exhibit to exhibit without getting nearly as much time as I would like to look at everything. Their special exhibits are fascinating (even if I get a tinge of the heeby jeebies knowing that I’m looking at the muscles and blood vessels of an actual, once living person) and the regular exhibits are a lot of fun to play around with. I could spend an entire day there on my own, and there’s enough to keep hyperactive kids occupied for a few hours. It’s definitely the most interactive of the museums, and there are always scientists stationed with fun little lessons. ‘Yesterday’s Main Street’ even has an authentic smell of urine, but I’m guessing that wasn’t intentional…
A MUST-SEE during the summer season!
Ann N. May 13, 2013
From unique exhibits to hands-on live science experiences, this museum never fails to capture my attention each time I step in. I come from a big science family, and coming here during the summer is always first on our agenda. My favorite part of the museum is the Yesterday's Main Street exhibit, which is a reconstruction of Chicago during the 1900s. The little "street" contains businesses that boomed during the 20th century, and some of them are still around today (just with different names). However, it's not just the exhibits that can really grab a person. This museum also has the Omnimax theater, which is a domed theater that's five-stories tall, and each year, they have something new to show to their viewers. The costs for visiting the museum varies, depending on what you decide to do that day. General admission for adults is $18, seniors are $17, and children are $11. If you're a Chicago resident, prices are a little bit lower at $15, $14 and $10. The museum also has individual tours, which visitors also have to pay for, and those also vary depending on the exhibit. Lastly is parking. Like most places in downtown, parking also costs some money. General parking is $20, but you can save some money by getting a membership with the museum. Household memberships, for example, will get you free parking, which is a pretty good deal.
Full Circle
Adam N. Feb 25, 2013
I used to come here in the eighties as a kid, and it's cool to that I've come full circle and can enjoy it with my own children. We usually come out for the annual Christmas Around the World display where the main floor is covered in trees decorated in themes from about fifty countries. This year they also had a temporary exhibit celebrating Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz including original artwork and even the desk he worked at. The museum still has some classics like the enormous model train display, fairy doll house, and fetal development exhibit, but these are sandwiched between tons of brand new, digital and fully interactive displays covering everything from weather patterns, to genetics, and the internet. The only downside of a visit is the cost of parking (this is true for almost anywhere in Chicago), but you can save some money by taking the Metra electric line in.
Great museum
Elyse H. Dec 12, 2012
I’m not a museum person at all but I was told I absolutely had to go here, that it was really cool and a great collection of science stuff. The building is also really pretty, it’s right on the water and it is very classical looking, like a building in Europe. Inside was exactly what you would expect but massive, lots of exhibits geared towards science. I did love the submarine though, it’s really weird to see one out of water! You can step inside too, which was really interesting and educational, and it’s the only German submarine in America! So even if you’re not that interested in science, it is a great museum to go to!
Glad I got to take advantage of this place
Craig B. Dec 11, 2012
I had two different nights at the Museum of Science and Industry sponsored by my university, at my commencement and for graduation, and both times were great. There's nothing like a bit of champagne to make an awesome museum even more fun. My friends and I ran around the World War I and II planes and the imitation spacecraft, shouted at the IMAX with classmates, and were wowed by the eco-friendly house in the back. It's a shame that this is the only venue that Party Earth reviewed in Hyde Park, but I guess I can't be too picky. Anyway, the MSI is worth the trek south. Also, right now there's a Charlie Brown exhibit! Go go go!
Great science museum!
Christina W. Dec 10, 2012
The Museum of Science and Industry has an amazing collection of all sorts of things, and I have never been disappointed. The tornado exhibit is cool many times over, the genetics exhibit is really in-depth and well done (and they have baby chicks!), and the submarine in the basement will never get old. I think what I love most about the MSI is it’s history, though. The building was once part of the Worlds Fair in Chicago in 1893! So the building itself has a ton of history and is an architectural landmark, which is incredibly cool. The special exhibits are always great, and it is definitely worth the trek down to Hyde Park.
Unleash Your Inner 6 Year Old
Daniel B. Dec 6, 2012
The Museum of Science and Industry has blown the minds of generations of budding nerds. With iconic permanent displays and state-of-the-art special exhibits, this is one of the most expansive and immersive science museums in the country. You could make 2-story tall indoor tornados or even go on a tour through a scaled replica coal mine. Whatever you do, don’t try the touristy 2-in-one special by throwing in the Field Museum to your agenda. Both museums are some of the best around and deserve a full day each of your undivided attention. I came here to see the touring Body Worlds special exhibit, which artfully showcases actual human bodies and body parts, preserved and opened to different parts. Seeing what a smoker's lung actually looks like up close disgusted me enough to quit smoking that week. The space section is a little small and disappointing but they do have some actual shuttle parts and astronaut suits. Most exhibits are designed with kids in mind and are fully hands on. But that doesn’t mean you can’t line up patiently behind the next Dawkins, Sagan, or Hawking for a better view of the massive Great Train Story.
Awesome Museum in Hyde Park
Caroline c. Dec 1, 2012
The Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde park is an awesome place to visit while in Chicago. They have a lot of fascinating exhibits on Space and Transportation. Definitely do not miss the model trains and the U-505 submarine and their toy factory exhibit. This is a really great place to spend the day with the family. Although it is very expensive, including parking which is around $20, and there is no CTA train or other public transportation to take you there, it is really worth the trip. I would definitely recommend the Museum of Science and Industry to anyone visiting Chicago.
Model Trains, Submarines, and Space! A little boy's dream.
Chris M. Aug 11, 2012
The Museum of Science and Industry is awesome and a great reason to check out Hyde Park. Getting there is a little inconvenient, there is no CTA train that will take you there without a bus ride and parking costs $20. That aside, I could watch the model railroad for hours on end. The Space Center, Transportation Gallery, and the U-505 sub are all worth checking out. The toy factory exhibit is kind of cool too. Yesterday's Main Street and the Fairy Castle seem kind of out of place and are kind of a waste of time.
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