Chicago Happy Hour Overview

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Happy Hour in Chicago is an interesting thing because, well, it doesn’t really exist in the way one might expect. Due to the “Happy Hour Law,” bars in Chicago are forbidden to offer any sort of drink promotions between certain hours, which means that essentially, happy hour in Chicago is illegal.

But fear not! Bars in Chicago more than make up for the lack of drink specials during the post-work hours by offering killer food prices, food and drink pairings, and other nightly specials that the average happy-hour connoisseur will be delighted by.

For one of the best happy hour food deals in Chicago, check out The Florentine downtown, where the purchase of any alcoholic beverage between 4 and 6pm Monday through Friday comes with a free pizza. Or try Crocodile Lounge, where a slice of cheese pizza comes free with any drink order regardless of day or time!

Plenty of watering holes downtown and in busy neighborhoods, such as Wicker Park and Lincoln Park, offer half-price appetizers or severely reduced food prices during the post-work hours. On top of that, most bars also offer nightly specials, where specific drinks like local drafts, whiskeys, or wells are offered at a reduced price for the entire day.

So even though happy hour in Chicago may be different than what most people are used to, the unbelievable food specials and nightly drink specials more than make up for it. And, even better, they ensure that every belly is full before the night of drinking continues.

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