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Gorilla Tango Theatre - Theater in Chicago.
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INFO Bucktown performance space Gorilla Tango Theatre has a schedule packed with quirky performances, but it is best known for its outrageous burlesque shows. With names like Fellowship of the Boobs (a Lord of the Rings burlesque... ... read more

Gorilla Tango Theatre Videos

Boobs and Goombas, a Super Mario Burlesque at the Gorilla Tango Theatre
Boobs and Goombas, a Super Mario Burlesque at the Gorilla Tango Theatre
Ron Paul The Musical Live @ Gorilla Tango Theater
A second scene from Gorilla Tango Theatre's Gleeks And Freaks
Fon-Deux @ Gorilla Tango Theatre
Hyccup at Gorilla Tango Theatre - 1.22.2011
"That New Show" - Gorilla Tango Theatre's ensemble improv showcase
Improvised Bible (Excerpt 1) at The Gorilla Tango Theater
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 1 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 2 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 3 of 8) - Lincoln Park Song
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 4 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 5 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 6 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 7 of 8)
Chris Morgan Stand Up (Part 8 of 8)

Gorilla Tango Theatre Information

Gorilla Tango Theatre - Theater in Chicago.

Bucktown performance space Gorilla Tango Theatre has a schedule packed with quirky performances, but it is best known for its outrageous burlesque shows. With names like Fellowship of the Boobs (a Lord of the Rings burlesque), A Nude Hope (Star Wars), and Boobs and Goombas (Mario Brothers), Gorilla Tango combines the retro appeal of burlesque with 21st-century geek chic. This is graphic novel sci-fi heaven.

The hipster hangout was founded in 2006 by an improv comedian. Many of the shows at Gorilla Tango Theatre, burlesque or not, run on audience interaction and suggestions; since the theater has only 79 seats, the vibe is friendly and rowdy. Musicals about absurdist topics, such as infamous teacher Mary Kay Letourneau and Full House dad Danny Tanner, and shows inspired by cult classics like The Big Lebowski bring in fun-loving crowds ready for some irreverence. Sticking with the offbeat theme, the theater also hosts classes such as a (non-comedic) lecture about autopsies by a coroner.

Most tickets at Gorilla Tango Theatre run in the $12-$20 range. A beer and wine bar in the lobby is stocked for performance-time drinking.

Gorilla Tango Theatre User Reviews

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Boobs and Bursts of Laughter Abound at Gorilla Tango Theatre
Amanda B. Apr 16, 2013
The first time I went to Gorilla Tango was to check out "Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner: A Full House Musical." As an avid fan of the cheesy '90s sitcom growing up, I knew I had to see the "dark side" of the Tanner family described in GTT's advertisements. Snagging a seat in the second row of the small theater, I felt like I was part of the show with the actors performing just an arm's-length away. The darkly comedic cast kept the sold-out crowd laughing all night with their own twist on the Full House character’s iconic quirks and phrases, invoking nostalgia for those who “pinky-promised” to regularly watch the show back in its heyday. I've also had the pleasure of taking in a few of Gorilla Tango's out there burlesque shows. Voted the Best Burlesque Troupe of 2012 by the Chicago Reader, the “Geek Girls” of Gorilla Tango Burlesque have received national attention for their limitless stream of hour-long scripted parody shows inspired by everything from Super Mario Brothers to Star Trek. Some of the girls have even received local recognition for the talents and tricks displayed in their gut-busting, breast-filled shows. You won't want to miss performer Juicy Lucy clapping her boobs together at a remarkable volume.
GTT is a fun place to see or put on a show
Chris M. Aug 28, 2012
I have watched shows at Gorilla Tango and also put up sketch and standup shows at the theater. As an audience member the place is pretty basic, but a lot of fun. There is a small lobby in the front where you can but a few drinks and wait for the show. Seating is about 80 but that depends on whether you have tables up front. There is a simple, but effective, riser setup so everyone has a good view. The lighting and sound system is pretty good and most importantly the venue sets it up so that your enjoyment depends on the quality of the show and not the venue. And the quality of the shows will vary GREATLY. I've always seen folks or groups I know about at GTT, never just showed up randomly. For putting up a show, the GTT is pretty basic but again very adequate. It is a reasonably priced option to put up any kind of show easily. Dan, the owner/manager (I think) is easy to work with and coordinate with and it doesn't take much paperwork to book run of shows or a single night. They take a cut and you aren't going to get rich, but all in all it is reasonable. I had someone I knew run tech, but they can coordinate that as well. There is a room upstairs and a basement to hang out/prep before a show but sometimes these are occupied. I spent the time before my last standup show wandering around the neighborhood until the last 30 minutes before showtime. The backstage is incredibly dark (if you see a pushlight on one of the walls, that was a donation from one of our shows) so that can be annoying. You may run into people and things as you scramble to enter. And there is only one stage entrance right in the middle so nothing too fancy is happening here with the production. But for a sketch or standup act looking to put up an independent show, GTT makes it real easy. And if someone you know is performing, go check it out. Then head to the Map Room or Green Eye Lounge after the show.
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