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Wrigley Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.
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INFO Wrigley Field, situated in the community of Lakeview, in Chicago, IL, is the longstanding home of the Chicago Cubs. Built in 1914, it follows Fenway Park as the second oldest baseball stadium in the nation, and is the... ... read more

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The Natural. Roy Hobbs smashes the clock tower at Wrigley Field. Mammoth home run
The Natural. Roy Hobbs smashes the clock tower at Wrigley Field. Mammoth home run
Wrigley Field
Wrigley Field Football
Chicago Cubs Photos - Wrigley Field Prints - Chicago Cubs Pictures
Conan O'Brien runs onto Wrigley Field during cubs game!!
Chicago Blackhawks practice at Wrigley Field

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Wrigley Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.

Wrigley Field, situated in the community of Lakeview, in Chicago, IL, is the longstanding home of the Chicago Cubs. Built in 1914, it follows Fenway Park as the second oldest baseball stadium in the nation, and is the only park besides Fenway that still operates a hand-turned scoreboard.

The baseball stadium was originally built for the Chicago Whales, a team in the Federal League at the time, but the Cubs moved in shortly after in 1916. Retired numbers of Cubs hall-of-famers such as Billy Williams, Greg Maddux, and Ernie Banks are displayed on pinstriped flags hanging from the the foul poles. Despite the history of talent, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in over a century, setting a record for the longest championship dry-spell of any major sports team in the country.

Wrigley is known for its network of ivy that coils across the brick outfield barriers, but contrary to popular belief, it does not substitute as cushioning for players hitting the ivy wall at Wrigley Field. The park can hold just over 41,000 fans, but there are also bleachers built onto the rooftops of the neighboring apartment buildings that overlook the outfield.

In addition to baseball games at Wrigley, the field was also home to the Chicago Bears of the National Football League until 1970, and the park still allows the occasional concert to take place. Classic rock performers like Jimmy Buffet, Elton John, and the Dave Matthews Band have played within Wrigley’s historic walls.

Wrigley Field User Reviews

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I have recently gone to my first baseball game ever, and it was clear to see that the atmosphere at for baseball, especially at Wrigley Field is unlike any other sport!
Melody O. May 23, 2013
I was told prices for food would be ridiculous but was relieved to see that weren't as bad as I had expected them to be. Every seat in the place is considered a good seat, where it is easy to see what's going on no matter how far back you are. It was such a nice feeling hearing the classic music and everyone singing "take me out to the ball game..." was just such a great experience to be a part of. It truly is a community of people who are passionate for the same thing, and they all come together at this place that holds so much history. Wrigley Field is beautiful and I think everyone should take the time to go there at least once!
Capital of the North Side
Frankie H. May 16, 2013
I'm not even a Cubs fan and Wrigley Field ranks as one of the best sports venues in existence. Despite recent developments to occur in the future, it is one of the most original and untouched baseball fields out there. Everything about it has history and delivers a profoundly nostalgic feeling. Though the Chicago Cubs aren't the best team in sports, they continue to drive a large crowd of a fan base they created long ago and maintain to this day. Wrigley Field is the support, quite literally, of the team and its fans. Without its continuing traditions such as the 7th inning stretch and the beautiful ivy on the outfield brick wall, this field would be like any other. For all those out there who are historians and baseball lovers, this is a must see. Not only is Chicago underrated, but Wrigley Field is vastly overlooked and worthy of giving you an unforgettable experience. It's the nation's second oldest ballpark and like a good wine, it gets better with age.
Future Site of Your World Champion Chicago Cubs
Dennis S. Mar 24, 2013
Wrigley Field is the greatest sports venue ever constructed. I am, however, biased as I am a die-hard Cubs fan and have bled Cubby blue my entire life. Built in 1914, Wrigley Field is the second oldest baseball park in the country with Boston’s Fenway Park holding the title for the oldest. I have been to both parks and I must say that Fenway Park does not hold a candle to Wrigley. I remember the first time I walked up the steps to the concourse and saw the field in person as an 8 year old boy. It felt magical. The freshly cut grass, the ivy on the outfield walls, the marquis hand-operated scoreboard, the pipe organ music playing over the loudspeakers, and Cubs heroes like Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson warming up on the field. I almost felt like I was walking into another time and dimension for TV cannot capture what it is like to actually be there in the stands. I have seen games at other ballparks, but nothing compares to Wrigley Field. Even if you are not a Cubs fan (or the unthinkable – a White Sox fan) you cannot deny that Wrigley Field is a must see for all baseball enthusiasts. In this day of retractable domes, artificial turf, and multi-purpose stadiums, Wrigley Field stands the test of time and serves as a model for all of the newer parks trying to capture that nostalgic feeling from ballparks past. Even though the Cubs have not won a World Series for over a hundred years, the fans are there to support them no matter where they are in the standings. There is nothing like a Cubs fan’s hope that one day we will go all the way, and after years of coming so close and falling short, we will one day celebrate a championship at Wrigley Field. Even if you’re not a baseball fan and are just in the mood to for a different party experience, Wrigley Field has plenty of delicious ballpark eats to choose from along with plenty of cold beer or alcoholic beverages of your choosing (just be sure to order before the 8th inning when alcohol sales cease). And after a game, there are plenty of bars and clubs just feet away on Clark street to crawl to to celebrate a Cubs victory. Like Harry Caray used to say, “Nothing beats fun at the ole ballpark.”
A Signature Stadium
Bridget C. Feb 26, 2013
Wrigley Field has become a staple of pride in Chicago, and with one step inside the stadium, it's easy to see why. From the vintage style seats to the old classic baseball music playing over the speakers, the field embodies an older feel that is rare to find in today's sport stadiums. It possesses a distinct beauty as well as a positive energy, that can be reflected in the warm, friendly nature of team's fans. While I have only had the chance to attend one Cubs game, that experience sold me why Wrigley Field is such a cornerstone to the Chicago community. Whether cozied up on a rooftop or hearing the sounds of cheerings from a neighborhood bar, fans have the opportunity to be part of the Wrigley Field experience both inside and outside of the stadium.
The Friendly Confines
Kevin F. Feb 10, 2013
As a lifelong Cubs fan, there are few places that have brought me so much joy, yet so much misery. Wrigley has maintained one of the most energetic crowds and atmospheres through the thick and thin, and because of this, it's always a must-go for any Chicago tourist. The bleachers never fail to be a good time, as you can eat, drink, and always meet the most friendly Chicagoans. Although the game is always fun, Wrigley is more than just the Cubs. The stadium is absolutely beautiful from the history standpoint, as the ivy and classic stadium set up adds to fun-loving atmosphere. Wrigleyville also brings out the best of Wrigley as it is one of the most fun atmosphere's around. Before a weekend series, there's just about no where else I'd rather be than outside Wrigley in Wrigleyville. There are thousands of friendly, fun people, along with amazing food. There are a ton of bars that never fail to be a good time. Concluding this, if you're a baseball fan its a must, if you're a history fan it's a must, and if you want to have fun, Wrigley is a must!
Fun...even for a Sox fan
Brinda G. Dec 3, 2012
It's true-- I grew up and remain a Sox fan. I would feel sorry for the Cubs if it weren't for Wrigley. It's just not fair that this ballpark has so much charm and character! I've gone there with international travelers who announced that their disdain for baseball, and they ended up loving it. Because of the park's age, it doesn't have the bright shiny amenities that fill U.S. Cell, but the ivy, old-fashioned scoreboard, and diehard fans make up for it. The neighborhood around the park, Wrigleyville, hems it in with countless bars that always seem full. It's the kind of scene that can be really irritating if you're passing through and not part of it it-- but if you have tickets, it's pretty much impossible not to get caught up in the energy around the game. I have no love for the legend of Harry Carey, however. He yelled at my brother when he was 6 and made him cry. Boo!
An Inconic Stadium that feels like Home
Brian H. Oct 5, 2012
Wrigley Field is about as iconic a sports location as you’re going to come across. From the giant red sign that’s said everything from “Division Champs” to “Save Ferris,” to the old school score board, to the ivy on the walls, Wrigley Field is a must see stop for anyone visiting town. You’re going to have a good time regardless of where you sit but if you want to join the party try to get tickets for the bleachers. You’ll find mai tai’s, loud but sincere diehard fans and maybe even get to catch a home run ball. Just remember, if it’s from the other team you have to throw it back.
You Simply Must Experience Cubs at Wrigley Field
Anonymous Oct 4, 2012
The first time I experienced Wrigley Field was from the outside. Not checking the Cubs schedule, my parents, sister and grand parents piled into a car and visited my aunt in her Lakeview neighborhood three blocks from the stadium. I was 5 years old, but I clearly remember my mother thinking Dad would never return from finding a place to park the car; street vendors that everywhere, and dozens of home made signs advertising apartment house roof seating prices that offer partial game views. Every window in the neighborhood was open and you knew exactly how the Cubbies were doing by the thunderous noise on the street. Little has changed! My one experience of watching the Cubbies at Wrigley Field was like no other ballpark experience I have had. You really have to be there -- my words won't do it justice. It is so very green.... the ivy and the hand scoreboard, the age, the low ceilings, the creaking wood, the favorite standing locations.... and the fans. Cubbie fans are dedicated. They are rich in their love of the team; knowledgeable fans. They also are dedicated to this venue. It is a Chicago treasure that you simply must see.
Very cool park
Alejandra V. Sep 21, 2012
Growing up with a Dodger fan and baseball playing dad, I am a Dodger fan for life just like daddy. However, after visiting Chicago’s Wrigley field home of the CUBS I fell in love with this small ballpark. This beautiful brick ballpark is located in the middle of a neighborhood, so driving there is not an option. Unless, you enjoy paying $50+ for parking which probably cost just as much as your ticket. Best part is that it is surrounded by bars so figuring out where to go after a game is never an issue. Yes it’s an old field and parts of it looks like a dump but if you enjoy the atmosphere of being surrounded by true baseball fans Wrigley Field is one of the best places to catch up on a game. Anything and everything you want to experience at a ball game you sure will experience it here. Unfortunately, not all experiences are great. For example, having beer spilled on you.
Baseball Royalty
Paul F. Sep 5, 2012
I've only been to Wrigley once, but it was more than enough to understand the appeal of this classic park. It's really everything you'd hope it would be. Old seats, bad hot dogs, ancient guys selling peanuts, and an engaged, loyal crowd eating up every minute of it. The ivy is of course a nice feature of the backfield wall, but what I never knew until visiting was that all the surrounding buildings have their own bleachers on their rooftops. As I watched the game, I was incredibly envious of these very cool seats looking down on all the action. One note - the game I went to, they were giving away Cubs plastic thermoses or something like that. Lou Pinella was managing and got into a screaming match with the ump. They ended up throwing him out, and the entire stadium hurled their thermoses onto the field (I think they were thermoses). Either way, it was a fun game to attend.
It's Wrigley
Nick T. Aug 29, 2012
I grew up going to Wrigley field, so while this review is assuredly biased - it has merit. Wrigley is a ballpark that offers everything any going to a game could want - other than luxury (which in my opinion is one of the coolest aspects about it) There's no doubt you will not be watching a good Cubs team play anytime soon, but you can still have a great time either sitting with true baseball fans who love the game (they can be found really anywhere but the bleachers), or joining the ultimate frat party in the bleachers. The bleachers are first come-first serve seating so you want to get there at least an hour or two before the game. But from 1:20-4 on game days, it is hard to find a better party than the one in the Wrigley field bleachers. Parking is awful around Wrigley so either prepare to pay at least $20, get a taxi or take the El. No matter what happens in the game, it is difficult to walk out of Wrigley not feeling good about the being apart of the history that the park holds.
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