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U.S. Cellular Field Looking for events at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, and videos for the Chicago White Sox plus other cool events! Chicago United States 41.830033 -87.63397
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U.S. Cellular Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.
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INFO The “other” baseball field across town gets most of the press, but what U.S. Cellular Field lacks in history, it makes up for in amenities. Built in 1991 as the home to the Chicago White Sox, the Bridgeport landmark looms... ... read more

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    333 West 35th Street
    Chicago, IL 60616

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U.S. Cellular Field Videos

wrigley field/u.s cellular field
wrigley field/u.s cellular field
Kerli LIVE at the U.S. Cellular Field, Illinois, Chicago (with FIXED SOUND)
US Cellular Field - The Wave
Sox beat Twins in Blackout at U.S. Cellular Field!
Opening Day Tailgating at U.S. Cellular Field

U.S. Cellular Field Information

U.S. Cellular Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.

The “other” baseball field across town gets most of the press, but what U.S. Cellular Field lacks in history, it makes up for in amenities. Built in 1991 as the home to the Chicago White Sox, the Bridgeport landmark looms over I-94 and the Red Line of the El.

Sleek and modern, the stadium seats 40,000 fans on upper and lower decks, luxury suites, and left-field bleachers. All seats at U.S. Cellular Field have unobstructed views. Fireworks at U.S. Cellular Field extend a long-standing White Sox tradition. Day or night, the scoreboard sets off blazes for every home run and victory.

Food and drink choices abound, with dozens of concession stands catering to all tastes. Ballpark favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers appear at most stands, of course, but many stands have specialties like desserts, Mexican fare, kid-friendly food, and vegetarian and gluten-free options. Special amenities at U.S. Cellular Field include a bar with a view of the field, “rain rooms” with cool mist for hot days, and a “pet check” for guests who happen to have their pets with them when they arrive.

Parking at U.S. Cellular Field is plentiful and is $25 for weekdays and $23 on weekends. Tailgating is allowed, starting two hours before game time.

U.S. Cellular Field User Reviews

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Hello, I'm at the Game
Tyler W. Feb 12, 2013
Never has there or ever will there be a stadium like U.S. Cellular Field. A hometown favorite, where you will find yourself greeted with the smell of popcorn, and just a little friendly rivalry brewing. The stadium is almost like it hopped out of a movie. The wonderful colors along with the smooth wooden bat exploding with the red and white wonderball make you just evolve into a fan of the sport baseball. Literaly it happened before my eyes. The vendors are merciless with their treats to keep the crowd from ever being famishes. Yes, the superstars are on the field but I amking with my popcorn and childish treats in hand on those bleachers. I will definately make sure not to drop a morsel on the ground, and maybe just a few might accidently land on my blanket so when i come home I thoroughly oh so thorughly clean it. Ok, Ill just treat myself to another of whatever my heart chooses on my way out. Make sure to come and hear whoever's singing the national anthem as well. The U.S. Cellular Field, in one word with the beautiful crowd, new faces, brews, games, it would be Mackedoshwish. The swish? Well of course for the swing of the bat. And of course a great word only, because I got to see there beatuiful oval office, ok the waiting room. But nevertheless a great sight to see.
Overrated team, underrated stadium...
Kevin F. Feb 10, 2013
Grew up a Cubs fan and will always be a Cubs fan--I'll always despise the White Sox. Although I despise the team, U.S. Cellular has proven to grow on me during every visit. Although people think the area is rough, I've never had a problem around or entering the stadium. I've sat in seats throughout the stadium and every seat really exceeded expectations. My view was great and security always kept things under control between Cubs and Sox fans when things got heated. The food, as always in Chicago, was generally delicious. So I've enjoyed the game experience, but the stadium experience has really trumped the game. The stadium is pretty spectacular as bathrooms and facilities are pretty nice compared to most stadiums. My favorite part has been the rinse areas for the hot summer days when you want to cool off by just throwing your head or hat under the cool showers. It's something I deemed unnecessary at first, but quickly learned to love that aspect of the stadium. US Cellular isn't a must see in Chicago, but you can always make something a good time. Have always enjoyed my time there (except for Sox wins over the Cubs), and hopefully you can see some fireworks!
Give it a chance!
Brinda G. Dec 3, 2012
Okay, even a lifelong Sox fan like me can admit that the Cell is never going to win the charm contest against Wrigley. It's a bright and shiny behemoth surrounded by endless parking lots, not the precious ivy-filled temple circled by bars. But the Cell has a lot of things going for it. 1) Bright and shiny = lots of great food and drink vendors, comfy seats, and non-horrible bathrooms. Take that, Wrigley! 2) Parking is indeed an option. 3) Tickets are *always* available and go for a song. 4) The Sox are just awesome! Getting there can be a bit of a haul from the North Side, but the Red Line stops right outside the gates. Though the stadium is pretty big, getting seats close to the field is usually pretty easy. And, hey, the Sox are really good right now, so the chances of seeing a good game are pretty good!
My first ever baseball game
Deepak H. Sep 12, 2012
I was in Chicago for a month and a half doing a summer program at University of Chicago. They were kind enough to take out all their students to a Chicago White Sox game! That was my first ever baseball game in my life. My knowledge of baseball up to that point was pretty much swing, miss and walk. Not that I know anything much better now but the experience was definitely worth it. We were around 40 people. Our seats were more higher up but it was nearer the diamond. The atmosphere at the stadium is amazing. People were just going nuts when White Sox scored a run or when they got the opposition team batter out. Also, we loaded up on the beers and dogs as well. After the fourth round of beer, most of us couldn't really care about the game! Like any other stadium, it is advisable to use the restrooms during the game than the beginning or the ending of the game when they are completely packed ( I learnt that the hard way). There are loads of concession stands! The beer is around $12-$15 and the hot dogs were around $8. Get 2 beers, a dog and go wild!!
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