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United Center Looking for events at the United Center in Chicago? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, & more for the Chicago Blackhawks & Bulls + other cool events! Chicago United States 41.88126 -87.674145
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United Center - Arena | Concert Venue in Chicago.
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INFO The United Center is called “The House that Jordan Built,” as it went up in 1994 during Michael Jordan’s reign of the NBA. A statue of Jordan now stands outside this home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. The... ... read more

United Center Videos

Pearl Jam 2003-06-18 Alive, United Center, Chicago, IL
Pearl Jam 2003-06-18 Alive, United Center, Chicago, IL
Coldplay - Fix You Live United Center Chicago
Eleven Minutes of Chicago Blackhawks History (1929-2009)
Roger Waters: The Wall Live at United Center, Chicago - Sept. 21, 22, 23 & 24, 2010
Inside United Center - Chicago Bulls 1998
[HD] Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks Game 4 Anthems
R.E.M.,"Ignoreland" Live @ United Center Chicago, 6/6/08

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United Center - Arena | Concert Venue in Chicago.

The United Center is called “The House that Jordan Built,” as it went up in 1994 during Michael Jordan’s reign of the NBA. A statue of Jordan now stands outside this home to the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks. The NBA and NHL teams trade off using the United Center throughout the winter. Concerts at the United Center include big-name performances such as the Rolling Stones, U2, and Bruce Springsteen. The 20,500-capacity arena also hosted the 1996 Democratic National Convention.

Located in the Near West Side near the trendy West Loop, the United Center has three levels of box seating, interspersed with three levels of luxury executive suites. Though the venue is large, its acoustics were specially designed to emphasize the echo-like crowd roar that its predecessor, The Chicago Stadium, was famous for. Dozens of banners hanging overhead serve as monuments to the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ highly successful seasons.

Booze and concession stands are plentiful, and some serve as restaurants with seating. Parking at the United Center ranges from $20-$35, and no tailgating is allowed.

United Center User Reviews

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Chicago Sports are the BEST
Serina M. Mar 5, 2013
I love me some Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks! I am not on a bandwagon, my father just raised me the right way. Sports have been a part of my life since I can remember. I've had opportunities to sit in the suites for both the Bulls and Hawks (even the Sox), which was AMAZING! The food was fantastic! I've even done standing room only multiple times and I still find it the best. Just being in the building gives me a sense of pride to being a part of such a great city with GREAT teams (win or lose). I think my favorite part of walking through the building is seeing all the great players from the past. Even though I wasn't alive in some case, I still feel like I was a part of it. The history makes it interesting to see how far we've come. Whether you're a hockey or basketball fan check out a game at the UC. You'll see what I'm talking about!
D-Rose and the Bulls Continuing the Tradition
Billy K. Dec 21, 2012
I'm an 80s baby, but I'm a 90s kid. I grew up when Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman were running train on the NBA. I saw my first Bulls game in a fairly new United Center back in 1998, during the last of the Bulls' six titles. Times have changed, but the ecstatic and loyal crowd at the UC crowd hasn't. The Bulls are a perrenial playoff team again and it's a blast to visit the UC. It's loud, but family friendly. Beer is semi-affordable, but I suggest grabbing a drink somewhere in the loop and taking the Red Line to the game. Concerts and Blackhawks games are great to see here too. I grew up seeing Disney on Ice, Coldplay, and the Rolling Stones here multiple times. The crowd is a little bit more laid back for these events than they are for their beloved Bulls and Blackhawks. The best thing about the UC is that you never feel like you have to dress up that much. For games, wear a jersey. For concerts, wear a cool t-shirt and jeans. If you're looking for something to do after an event, don't feel like you have to go any further than the Crossroads Bar & Grill. It's a great place with some cool memorabilia. They have solid drinks too. If you want to park around the stadium, there are various cheaper lots a little bit off the beaten path. If you don't like to walk, just park and don't mind paying a little bit more, you can just park in the UC parking. If you do that, make sure to get there early. It might be worth it to visit a bar for some food after the game so you're not in the traffic of cars filing out of the parking lots and onto 94.
Go Blackhawks!
Craig B. Dec 12, 2012
I went to the United Center late in the hockey season and watched the Blackhawks tool on some chumps, drank some beers, and walked back with the throng of celebrators. As with any sports venue, the food and drink are going to be at least double the price of anything you would expect to find, but it was definitely worth it to see the home team do their thing. The United Center also hosts concerts (seriously, two sports and a concert venue? Serious props to the staging team). The tickets may be expensive but I promise, this venue is worth the cash.
Great for hockey, ok for concerts
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I have been to the United Center three times. Twice for concerts, once for a Blackhawks game. The hockey game was awesome, and I'm not sure if that is an effect of the United Center itself, or just the fact that I happen to like the team. But it was fun, the stadium is pretty nice, and the bars are actually really big so you don't get that crazy line blocking the entire aisle. For concerts, it's alright, I guess. I'm not really into huge-venue concerts, but I saw Muse at the United Center in 2009 and it was a really awesome show. Because it is a stadium setting, they could do really ridiculous things with the lights and effects, and that was pretty sweet. So if you're into sports games or huge concerts, this is a pretty decent spot.
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