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Soldier Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.
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INFO In the Near South Side of Chicago, IL, is Soldier Field, current home to the Chicago Bears of the National Football League. It was built in 1924, and named in honor of American soldiers who had died in past conflicts... ... read more

Soldier Field Videos

Pearl Jam Immortality @ Soldier Field '95 {RARE}
Pearl Jam Immortality @ Soldier Field '95 {RARE}
Bears Packers Soldier Field 2007
Mexico vs Senegal (Mexico GOAL) - Soldier Field - May 10, 2010
Bears fans watch victory over Seahawks
Journey at Soldier Field 1978 #1
U2 "Bad" @ Soldier Field, Chicago 12 Sept 2009
Journey at Soldier Field 1978 #2

Soldier Field Information

Soldier Field - Concert Venue | Stadium in Chicago.

In the Near South Side of Chicago, IL, is Soldier Field, current home to the Chicago Bears of the National Football League. It was built in 1924, and named in honor of American soldiers who had died in past conflicts. It originally held over 100,000 people, but when the Bears moved here from their previous home at Wrigley Field, a major renovation to bring the stands closer to the field reduced the capacity to 55,000 seats. After another total renovation in 2003, the stadium was beefed back up to 67,000 spectators. Although this still makes it the smallest, it is also known as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.

Throughout its history, the stadium has held a plethora of sporting and entertainment events, most notably collegiate football. The field packed in over 123,000 fans for the USC/Notre Dame game of 1927, which still holds the record for most attended collegiate event.

Besides football, there have also been soccer games, political and civil rallies, public addresses, and concerts at Soldier Field. The longstanding venue has featured a variety of music, from Johnny Cash to Madonna to Deadmau5.

Soldier Field User Reviews

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Chicago's Architectural Wonder
Ahmad M. Jun 30, 2013
With its structural design based on the Greco-Roman architectural traditions, Chicago's Soldier Field is not just like any stadium you'll find in a large American metropolis - it's a landmark. Home to the Chicago Bears, Soldier Field is the oldest NFL stadium and is dedicated to all American soldiers who have given their lives for their country. Nestled on the scenic Lake Shore Drive, besides the equally serene Lake Michigan, Soldier Field also hosts concerts, other sporting events, and as a general venue for all types of events. I recently went to the Spring Awakening music festival which was held in the Field. Needless to say, there was a 'ginormous' crowd who attended it (Calvin Harris was headlining), and it did not feel congested at all. If you're in Chicago, chances are you'll most definitely see the Field from the outside even if you can't go in, and it's still a breathtaking site regardless.
Bear Down
Joey D. Jun 5, 2013
Soldier Field is always a fantastic time. The crowd is unlike any other i have seen. Weather your grabbing a few beers with some buds or going with family you can always count on a memorable time watching one of the best football teams in the NFL.
The spaceship on the lake
Erin R. Mar 30, 2013
Anyone who has never seen Solider Field may, at first glance, believe the city is being invaded by visitors from another planet. Never fear, people of Earth. That's just Solider Field. The massive stadium is home to the Chicago Bears and hosts several other sporting events and concerts. It's beautiful colonnades and unmatched city backdrop have even led some to host their weddings and other private events here. Solider Field is a unique mix of modern and classic Chicago architecture. When the addition was built, the contractors were careful not to mess with the original structure -- a sight to be seen all its own. It's only from inside the stadium that the modern glass addition can be appreciated. The views from these boxes provide an unrivaled, luxury experience no matter what you're there for. There isn't a bad seat in the house at Solider Field -- but be sure to bundle up when the temperatures drop. The top of the stadium acts as one big bowl, causing the winds to constantly swirl around. If you're in Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by Solider Field. Even if there isn't an event going on that allows you to take a peak inside, the majesty of the exterior is worth a trip.
Bear Down Chicago Bears!
Brett C. Mar 28, 2013
Going to see a Bears game at Soldier Field reminds me of why going to games is fun. There aren't any cheerleaders, and you have to battle the elements (it is the Windy City after all), but it puts the focus back where it belongs: on the game. Bears fans are a die-hard bunch; they stand for every 3rd down, get loud when their beloved defense is on the field, and everyone is wearing at least one article of blue and orange clothing. Being in the stands at Soldier Field feels like being a part of the game (they don't call it "The Fourth Phase" for nothing). There are some fun call and response traditions with the PA announcer, and even the beer vendors going up and down the aisles are more fun than at other stadiums that I've been to. Hopefully Marc Trestman can get the team back to the playoffs, but in the meantime you can't go wrong soaking in all of the tradition at Soldier Field.
Tradition mixed with comfort
Nick T. Sep 12, 2012
It is hard to knock old Soldier Field - especially with how awkward the new Soldier looks on the exterior, but I have to say the renovation has made it one of my favorite stadiums to watch an event - especially a football game. As much as Michael Jordan did for the Bulls, the Bears are still Chicago's team, and it shows at Soldier Field in the Fall with the jam-packed parking lots full of tailgaters to the overwhelming noise you hear throughout the game. The skyboxes here are nicer than any I've ever been in with their floor to ceiling windows allowing for no blindspots in the entire box. They also provide a nice way to escape the Chicago cold, while also allowing the option to open the windows and take in the crowd atmosphere. I would absolutely recommend attending an event here at some point.
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