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Café Iberico - Spanish Restaurant | Tapas Bar in River North, Chicago

Every city has its one zone where serious club-goers make the rounds, and, for Chicago, the zone is River North. River North clubs are among the city’s best-known and most exclusive, attracting hopefuls standing along velvet ropes as VIPs prance by. Those with the right look and/or vibe and/or connections get the doorman’s nod and are ushered into the city’s most glittery nightlife. Clubs in River North are where bottle service, NBA stars, and the pretty set live at 1am.

Typical of the hood’s hotspots, long-standing club Enclave is hardly noticeable from the street. The good-looking people queued outside the unmarked door are a good indication of what’s inside. The large venue is filled with throbbing beats, flashing lights, and a sea of high-energy club-goers grinding to hip-hop and R&B remixes emanating from the prominent stage and DJ booth. VIPs can head to their reserved tables, where they can toast themselves with thousand-dollar bottle service while gazing upon the masses. Like many other see-and-be-seen River North spots, Enclave doesn’t get going until after midnight.

Well-dressed club-hoppers don’t have to stiletto it very far to hit up multiple spots in a glittery night. From Sound-Bar to Spy Bar to Crimson Lounge they go, and those looking for the crème de la crème of the city should follow.

Popular River North Clubs

  • * Bodi A-list / Bottle Service
  • * Castle Balcony / Club Music / Clubwear

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