Chicago Pizza Places Overview

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Let’s stop the argument before it begins; Chicago pizza and New York pizza cannot be compared because they are two different things. And though New Yorkers might not be able to find an authentic NY slice outside of their five boroughs, they, and other visitors to Chicago, may be surprised to find that pizza places in Chicago are not a monolithic block – unlike the monolithic block of cheese in the center of an authentic Chicago deep dish.

If you need to get a deep dish fix or want to figure out exactly what those strange-looking pies are, there are plenty of Chicago pizza places that can help you out. Giordano’s, Gino’s East, and Lou Malnati’s are three local chains that have been baking those two-inch-high stuffed pizzas for generations. They’ll need 45 minutes to cook it, and you’ll need a knife and fork. So what if it’s weird? It’s delicious.

Few locals subsist on deep dish alone, as each pizza could probably feed an entire apartment building. Luckily, Chicagoans’ love of pizza extends to different varieties. Napoli-style pizza is hugely popular, and places with names like Spacca Napoli and Sapore di Napoli open frequently. Coal oven pizza is also big here, and Bricks in Lincoln Park seems to be packed every single moment it is open. Even hole-in-the-wall neighborhood pizza places in Chicago tend to dish out pies far superior to the national chains.

And…okay, FINE, East Coasters! You might not find a NY slice that passes your test, but some restaurants specialize in East Coast styles. For example, hipster pizzeria and brewery Piece serves New Haven-style pizza. But give deep dish a try, just once, okay?

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