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Kuma's Corner Kuma's Corner in Chicago's Roscoe Village has giant burgers named after heavy metal bands. Wrap your mouth around these Chicago patties with Party Earth. Chicago United States 41.939462 -87.700317
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Kuma's Corner - Bar | Burger Joint | Restaurant in Chicago.
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Party Earth Review The famed burgers are almost all named for heavy metal bands, so patrons at Kuma’s Corner are as likely to hear Black Sabbath as they are to eat it. BDSM and pinup artwork line the orange walls of this always-hopping... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Bar: M–Th 11:30am–1am, F–Sa 11:30am–2am, Su noon–midnight
    Kitchen closes one hour before bar

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Party Earth Kuma's Corner Review

The Scene

Kuma's Corner in Chicago's Roscoe Village has giant burgers named after heavy metal bands. Wrap your mouth around these Chicago patties with Party Earth.

The famed burgers are almost all named for heavy metal bands, so patrons at Kuma’s Corner are as likely to hear Black Sabbath as they are to eat it.

BDSM and pinup artwork line the orange walls of this always-hopping single-room joint, though most of the artsy portraits aren’t as tatted as the regular metal heads and punk rockers, who sidle up to the wooden bar to gorge on ten ounces of pretzel roll-encased beef topped with everything from bourbon-soaked pears (Lair of the Minotaur) to pulled pork (the Led Zeppelin).

A giant chalkboard with the burger special of the month lingers next to anti-hipster signs and a giant sculpture of a bear – a common motif given “kuma” means bear in Japanese – but there are still plenty of kids in knit caps chowing down at the simple black tables.

Good burgers must be the great equalizer, because unpretentious local suits eat here too, ruining any diet plans along with pale pigtailed Goths and skinny skater girls, all of whom suffer hour-plus waits on busy weekend nights.

But it’s not all burgers at Kuma’s – there’s chili too. And make-your-own mac and cheese, and a smattering of cow-friendly appetizers like mussels.

But whether washed down with a $5 Great Lakes or a $20 limited run beer, most of the meals at Kuma’s Corner are fit for a bear…who loves him some big-ass burgers.

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Tip from Jonah:

Kuma’s has a nice beer selection to go with your burger, but don’t forget they also have three bourbons on tap! Also, keep in mind that the place usually only offers takeout when the patio is closed – as in during winter – but it’s kind of at the owner’s whim schedule-wise.

  • Crowd

    College kids, burger buffs, metal heads, punk rockers, blue collar Joes, derby girls, slackers, hackers, and a garnish of hungry office types, 20s to early 40s.

    Minors not allowed after 10pm.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Pretty much every variation of metal music from the 80s, including hair metal, nu-metal, classic metal, death metal, and melodic black metal. One TV over the bar. Patrons are advised NOT to ask staff to tune in the game.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of mostly ten-ounce burgers served on a pretzel roll and named after heavy metal bands, including the buffalo sauce and bacon-layered Metallica burger, the roasted Poblano pepper-topped Pantera burger, various appetizers like fried calamari and cheese fries, make-your-own mac and cheese, and mussels.

    Burger specials change monthly. ATM on site. Seasonal patio.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $9–$15, sandwiches $12, make-your-own mac and cheese $13, burgers $13. Beer $5–$12+, wine $9, cocktails and spirits $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: studded leather jackets, graphic t-shirts, plaid button-downs, ripped jeans, hoodies, band shirts, knee-high boots, fishnets, dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The earlier the better to beat the dinner rush, as Kuma’s is normally packed by 7pm, or anytime during regular dinner hours for a long wait – more than ninety minutes on Fridays and Saturdays – and a big crowd of festive burger lovers.

  • Close By

    Taqueria Traspazada (3144 North California Avenue) offers an affordable Mexican alternative to burgers.

Kuma's Corner User Reviews

Average rating:
Best Burger of All Time
Aurielle P. Oct 23, 2013
From the eponymous Kuma (a burger topped with bacon and a fried egg) to the Slayer (a monstrous and delectable smattering of fries topped with a burger patty, chili, and - among other things - ANGER), Kuma's Corner offers a mouth-watering burger for everyone's preference. Don't let the pierced and tatted waitresses, heavy metal music, and sign letting hipsters know that they are not allowed deter you, because this is bound to be one of the best burgers you've ever had. The wait for a table is often close to 2 hours, but that is no worry. You can enjoy craft beer or whisky both on tap at the bar, and you can even order food at the bar if you just can't wait to devour their delicious offerings. There are many delicious appetizers to choose from as you wait (the mac-and-cheese is my favorite). Kuma's offers many burgers, each named for a heavy metal band, featuring a special burger that changes monthly (the most recent Ghost burger has been pretty controversial with a communion wafer on the burger as garnish). So take a shot of whisky, and enjoy your wait, because whichever burger you choose will be worth it.
Trendy burger joint cures hunger & hangovers
Steven T. Sep 18, 2013
Where else can you go on Sunday afternoon after partying until 5am and feel like you've been resurrected?? Simple. Kuma's Corner. And hundreds of others feel the same way you do as it's guaranteed to be bustling with a waiting line. This is the trendiest joint for burgers in Chicago and Food Network agrees. Back-boned by its flair and hipster atmosphere, you have to try one of Kuma's crazy burger concoctions. My personal favorite being the "Megadeth" - chorizo topped with red potato hash and smothered with pico de gallo, cayenne avocado cream and tortilla strips. Don't forget to kill your hangover with one of their many delicious beer selections or whiskeys on tap!
Where else can you get a burger called "Lair of the Minotaur," piled high with carmelized onions, brie and bourbon soaked pears? This restaurant combines three of my favorite items-metal, great meat, and an excellent beer selection.
Alexandria R. Aug 7, 2013
Where else can you get a burger called "Lair of the Minotaur," piled high with carmelized onions, brie and bourbon soaked pears? Only at Kuma's Corner located at 2900 W Belmont Ave in Chicago! This restaurant combines three of my favorite items-metal, great meat, and an excellent beer selection. I actually waited two hours, which is quite possibly the longest I have ever waited for a table at a restaurant. And if I had to do it all over again, it was well worth it. Kuma's has to be one of my top favorite burger joints in the city by far with outstanding atmosphere.
Bang for your buck!
Martini Z. May 20, 2013
Let me start off by saying if you love metal music, you will love this place! This cozy little corner located on 2900 W Belmont Ave. has food for you to die for. Everything made fresh and on the spot including all their burgers, which are named after famous metal bands. Portions are amazing by which I mean you can order a burger and will feed 2 people! If burgers aren't enough, they have an excellent selection of craft beers on tap! So if you are interested in trying out this amazing place, I would consider reserving a table since seating is limited.
Alli E. May 4, 2013
Hot babes, great burgers, and METAL. what else could you ask for out of a burger joint? I've only been here twice but that GOB burger is faaantastic.
Rock and Roll McDonald's for Grown Ups
Katie H. Apr 6, 2013
Kumas Corner is an unusual name for one of the best burger joints I've ever been to. Located at 2900 W Belmont in Chicago, this quaint little restaurant is settled on a cozy corner. The seating is limited, and the wait is long. I know what you're thinking, but this is a good thing. The hour wait only builds the anticipation of the food that's about to take your taste buds out back and slap them around. Pretzel bread, burgers large enough to feed 3 people and a yummy selection of brews will keep you raving about this place until your co-workers finally tell you to shut up.
One of the Best Burgers in Chicago
Justin J. Apr 3, 2013
For the non-Chicago natives out there, Kuma's Corner is one of the top gourmet burger places in the area. 10oz burgers are served on pretzel buns, and the menu features a variety of eclectic ingredients that are part of their specialty burger recipes. Sides of fries and macaroni and cheese (highly recommended) can be split amongst your party or be served up as an appetizer. You can even customize your macaroni and cheese with a large choice of ingredients (macaroni with garlic and prosciutto is certainly a possibility here). Kuma's also features a large beer selection that would please any beer aficionado or any person who just likes to drink. A word of caution, though, Kuma's is a metal bar and that means they like to play loud metal music. On the other hand if you're a huge fan of metal, you might be pleased to find all of their delicious burgers bare the names of some of Metal's greatest bands. Waits for a table can last over a few hours, and reservations can only be made in person, so don't bother trying to call in a table. Kuma's is not the place for your business lunch, and probably not a place you would bring your parents (However, some people might have cool parents who like Kuma's and metal). Despite potentially long waits, the bottom line is Kuma's is a great place for a good drink and a great burger, it will be worth it.
Metal, Burgers and Revelry
Sarah N. Apr 2, 2013
Contrary to the unfortunate status quo of many modern establishments, Kuma’s succeeds in neither sacrificing the drinks for the food nor the food for the drinks. And extensive beer list is available in addition to the burgers that have now become lore-worthy throughout the city of Chicago. (My personal recommendation is High on Fire.) Liking metal music is a must, as it will be playing loudly in your ear; however, if that isn’t entirely your scene, the random 80’s movies playing in the background may spice up your experience. With whiskeys on tap and an inventive burger list fit for a king, Kuma’s is a fantastic place to spend a hardcore evening. Just make sure you down some chips and guac at home before coming if you plan to arrive on a Friday or Saturday night around 7.
Rock On
Hank G. Mar 20, 2013
I would learn how to play heavy metal if that meant I could eat these burgers everyday. These are hands down the best burgers in the city. No where else in the world can you experience the sensation of having the most overwhelming, delicious, mouth watering burger while unable to hear oneself think due to the aroma and surroundings of Kuma's. Come to Kuma's for the experience and the best burgers on the planet.
If you like burgers, don't miss it.
Christina W. Dec 9, 2012
The burgers here are not meant to be finished in a single sitting. And leftover burgers just aren't that good. And therein lies the challenge. Kuma's Corner has designed their meals to be so delicious that they are worth waiting hours for, and then too big to finish in one go, but you just waited two hours, so you have to finish everything, because you are starving, but oh-my-goodness this burger is just too massive to finish! And despite the dilemma, it is worth the wait, worth the (so-incredible-heavy-metal) burger, and worth the maybe slightly unsatisfying leftovers. Because even if you spend 2 hours at the bar across the street, and then an hour trying to force yourself to finish the largest burger in history, it will still have been the best burger (and best story) you have ever attempted to conquer. And let's face it...that's pretty cool.
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