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Brunch in North Center / Roscoe Village Overview

Constellation - Theater | Concert Venue | Performing Arts Center in North Center / Roscoe Village, Chicago

Notorious for their Lululemon-clad stroller-pushing yuppie hordes, North Center and Roscoe Village unsurprisingly take brunch pretty seriously. Luckily, closer to midday (when brunch is the best!), much of the tot-toting crowd clears out, letting 20-somethings have at the delectable choices. North Center/Roscoe Village brunch spots are plentiful and worth the sometimes-painful wait times.

A small strip of Roscoe Avenue in Roscoe Village may have more brunch spots than any other block in the city. Cutesy exteriors ringed by long lines sit neck-and-neck, such as Kitsch’n on Roscoe and Orange on Roscoe. With their fresh juices, piles of pancakes, and leafy back patios, these brunch joints hit the spot for hungover college kids and wholesome families alike. A bit down the road, Victory’s Banner has similar wait times but a more unconventional approach to brunch. The vegan/veggie restaurant is run by an Eastern spiritual collective (that fortunately does not evangelize). The Zen-like room might do everyone some good early in the morning.

While Roscoe Village fulfills the needs of those looking for sweet and precious brunches, North Center has plenty of places for midday diners who just want a no-nonsense plate of bacon and eggs. Greasy spoons like the Golden Angel and the Lincoln Restaurant appear to have not been touched by the outside world in decades, but their inexpensive platters of goodness are sometimes the only things that can fuel a lazy Sunday. Brunch in North Center / Roscoe Village can be twee or old-school, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that every neighborhood resident is taking part.

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