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Schubas Tavern Housed in a restored Schlitz Brewery tap house, Schubas Tavern is a mellow bar and intimate music venue that hosts diverse live performances every night, often featuring artists from around the world. Chicago United States 41.939657 -87.663651
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Schubas Tavern - Historic Bar | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Chicago.
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Party Earth Review Housed in a restored Schlitz Brewery tap house, Schubas Tavern is a mellow bar and intimate music venue that hosts diverse live performances every night, often featuring artists from around the world. Distinguished by... ... read full review

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    Brown, Purple Express, Red Lines: Belmont

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    Bar: M–F 11:30am–2am, Sa 9am–3am, Su 9am–2am
    Restaurant: M–F 11:30am–11pm, Sa 9am–11pm, Su 9am–10pm

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Schubas Tavern Videos

Kiersten Holine at Schuba's Tavern 08/17/09
Kiersten Holine at Schuba's Tavern 08/17/09
Marah Live at Schuba's Tavern
Chairlift - "Garbage" @ Schubas Tavern, Chicago (Live)
Micachu And The Shapes - "Curly Teeth" @ Schubas Tavern, Chicago (Live)
The Maccabees - First Love @ Schubas Tavern
How Will I Know/I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Cover)-Eric Hutchinson Schubas Tavern Chicago 12/17/05

Party Earth Schubas Tavern Review

The Scene

Housed in a restored Schlitz Brewery tap house, Schubas Tavern is a mellow bar and intimate music venue that hosts diverse live performances every night, often featuring artists from around the world.

Housed in a restored Schlitz Brewery tap house, Schubas Tavern is a mellow bar and intimate music venue that hosts diverse live performances every night, often featuring artists from around the world.

Distinguished by its early 20th-century building, intricate brickwork, and large terracotta Schlitz emblems out front, the space consists of a thirty-foot mahogany bar usually crowded with young professionals chatting over a beer, as well as an eighty-seat dining room where hungry hipsters and music lovers grab a bite of mac and cheese before the music starts.

Concert nights showcasing lesser-known local bands tend to draw post-grads, musicians, and friends of the performers, who kick back on folding chairs in the small performance space, while more popular groups pack in a max capacity standing-room crowd of two hundred.

Patrons who want some privacy can book the upstairs room with its own mahogany bar, a space also used for the occasional comedy night, low-budget play, or DJ party.

As popular for its bar and restaurant as it is for its music scene, Schubas is an excellent spot to chill out with an after-work beer or stick around for an energetic but intimate night of great music.

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Tip from Jonah:

Schubas’ sister establishment is the ever-popular Lincoln Hall music venue about a mile away. You can buy gift cards valid at both establishments for tickets, food, and drinks!

  • Crowd

    Lincoln Park post-grads, college students, hipsters, artistic types, young professionals, birthday groups, music lovers, and musicians, early 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Nightly live music featuring local bands to internationally recognized acts performing a variety of styles, starting from 7pm. Two TVs in the bar tuned to sports, on mute except for playoffs. Bar playlist of alternative and rock tunes. Old jukebox with limited selection. Photo booth.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Dinner menu available from Schubas-owned Harmony Grill next door, featuring southern specialties like pulled pork and baked mac and cheese. Weekend brunch menu.

  • Prices

    Concert tickets $0–$20. Brunch menu $8–$15, appetizers $4.50–$14.50, entrées $8.50–$16. Beer $2.25–$10, wine $7–$9, cocktails $5–$12.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to work attire: jeans, flannel, summer dresses, slacks, skirts, collared shirts, blouses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for live music, or early on Fridays and Saturdays for a crowded bar scene.

  • Close By

    Fizz Bar & Grill (3220 N Lincoln Avenue) features a large outdoor beer garden and live theater on the second floor on Fridays and Saturdays.

Schubas Tavern User Reviews

Average rating:
Would you like a side of music with that?
Mallory Ann S. Apr 3, 2013
Many venues and restaurants that serve brunch also serve a side of long waits and high prices. At Schubas, you won't find either. Instead, you will find peaceful tunes and a friendly waitress that is willing to make your brunch an entertaining one. From meals under $12 to tasteful drinks, this neighborhood hangout is the perfect place to meet friends for a late brunch or stroll in first thing in the morning from the night before. Located in a prime location in Lakeview, Schubas not only serves brunch, but also has shows throughout the week and a build your own mac and cheese menu option which is one of the most popular trends in the city. The Harmony Grill restaurant offers more of a cozy atmosphere, while the bar side is usually packed with music lovers of all kinds. Next time you are thinking of hitting up a new brunch spot, be sure to remember Scubas. You may go home with a song stuck in your head or a new favorite band, but your pockets won't be empty and your stomach will be full.
Schubas: The Ultimate Chicago Nightspot
Lindsey R. Feb 23, 2013
If intimate concerts in a laid-back bar environment are your thing, Schubas is the place to be. The concert venue is perfect: small enough to see the stage from all angles, but not so small that you're jutting sweaty elbows into someone else's beer. And the beer selection itself is great, with different specials every night. Cocktails aren't really a Schubas speciality, but if you have something specific in mind, they can likely create it. The Harmony Grill restaurant portion is less a reason to visit than the music and bar side, but the food is better than your average bar grub. The crab cakes are great and there are plenty of vegetarian options and quality sides. It's nice to have everything readily available so that a night out can be condensed to one location, especially for out-of-town visitors. For a place with $3 Bud Light drafts and open mic nights, Schubas is really well-maintained and orderly. And given its close proximity to transportation and other hotspots, it's easy to drop in early before moving along. There's a reason Schubas is famous among even non-locals: It's like someone bottled the essence of Chicago and opened its doors to the public. It's almost always worth a trip, no matter where you're from.
Classy in a the way only a saloon can be
Craig B. Dec 11, 2012
The bar itself at Schubas is impressive. It’s long, dark, and despite years of use, clean and smooth. It absolutely feels like a saloon, but no one I’ve seen there has ever gotten riled up. In fact, Schubas has hosted some of the most friendly and relaxed concerts I’ve ever been to (I’m looking at you, Juliana Barwick and Eluvium). I cursed myself for missing a Sondre Lerche show (and I also missed him at Lincoln Hall, but that just goes to show the caliber of acts that Schubas can pull in). It’s a genuinely nice place with good beer, and they’re not afraid to put together a nice cocktail either.
Really chill venue
Christina W. Dec 10, 2012
Schubas is awesome. I wish I had had the opportunity to see more performances there when I lived in Chicago. The lineup is great, the venue is comfortable, and there is a restaurant attached! So you can do dinner, drinks, and concert all in one spot! It's a pretty great idea. The beer selection is actually really good, and they have some nice nightly specials. So even if you're not into the band playing that night, it's a great place to just hang out with friends and have a few drinks. They offer a few open mic nights, which draw a really eclectic and friendly crowd. But most importantly, no matter when you go, it is so incredibly chill and comfortable that you are bound to enjoy yourself.
Great concept, perfect blend of music and bar
kate o. Sep 19, 2012
Schubas along with the grill next door is a great indoor and outdoor space so you can hang out outside when it is nice or be inside. The outdoor space is only open during dining hours and closes at night. I love the concept of small bar and small music venue and would love to own a bar just like this some day. They do a great job of allowing you to have a night about music or just have a night at the bar. It has the laid-back feel of a dive bar but cleaner and nicer. If I lived closer I would hang out here more often but it is a little bit of a walk from the train during the winter. Drinks are reasonably priced as are the concert tickets.
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