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Metro Searching for concerts at Metro in Chicago? Check out Party Earth for Metro's schedule and updates, and experience this incredible concert venue for yourself! Chicago United States 41.949963 -87.658678
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Metro  - Concert Venue in Chicago.
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INFO Opened in 1982 by Chicago native Joe Shanahan, Metro has developed into one of Chicago’s iconic alternative music venues. Over the past three decades, the venue has hosted hundreds of local and national performers across... ... read more

Metro Videos

Oasis - I Am The Walrus (Live) Metro Chicago 1994
Oasis - I Am The Walrus (Live) Metro Chicago 1994
Rusko @ The Metro Chicago on October 15, 2010
ALK3 - Metro Chicago - 2/28/10
Fall Out Boy - Golden @ the Metro Chicago
Dan Auerbach - Goin' Home Live @ Metro Chicago
Wolf Parade - Metro (Chicago) - Grounds for Divorce
Jimmy Eat World x10 Metro Chicago - Table For Glasses
Radio Iodine At The Metro-Chicago

Metro Information

Metro  - Concert Venue in Chicago.

Opened in 1982 by Chicago native Joe Shanahan, Metro has developed into one of Chicago’s iconic alternative music venues. Over the past three decades, the venue has hosted hundreds of local and national performers across dozens of genres.

When Shanahan discovered the space at 3730 North Clark, he initially opened a smaller club, Smart Bar, on the top floor of the building. Given the opportunity later in 1982 to promote a show in “the big room,” he moved Smart Bar to the basement and opened Metro (then The Cabaret Metro) in its current space on the main floor and balcony with a performance by then little-known group R.E.M.

What began as a local music venue rapidly developed into a widely recognized venue for national and international artists. Performances at Metro have ranged from Depeche Mode and the Ramones in the 80s, to Nirvana and Jeff Buckley in the 90s, to Bob Dylan, Aesop Rock, and The White Stripes throughout the 2000s.

Live recordings at Metro include those by Cheap Trick and Trail of Dead.

Metro User Reviews

Average rating:
No breaking the bank with this arena feel
Mark S. Aug 17, 2013
I've been going to Metro shows since I was a sophomore in high school. I have never been displeased with my decision to do so. In fact, I believe most of the bands I have ever REALLY wanted to see played at the Metro. The Metro boasts a big stage and even bigger (slightly muddy) sound. This is not a typical smaller venue as it barely has seating. Enjoy your tiring feet bounce to the beat of your favorite band, you don't really have any other options. I give the Metro four starts because like previous reviews state, it is "iconic" and probably is the "crown jewel of the Chicago music scene." Why? Check their website for a band you like and go find out.
Crown Jewel of the Chicago Music Scene
Andrew S. May 5, 2013
There’s clearly a reason bands from Chicago always come back to play here. Metro has been operating for 30 years now. Bands from Chicago grew up seeing shows there, probably aspiring to play there. Great Chicago bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Naked Raygun, the Smoking Popes, Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy and tons more seem to flock back to play at Metro when they come through Chicago. There is just something about this place that makes it an icon amongst all the other venues in the city. Metro just continues to book great bands and put on quality shows. I recenrly spent about an hour pouring over the year-by-year archive of shows on their website in awe of just how many great bands have played there. 2005 really grabbed my attention. Bands that are huge today played at Metro, bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon and the Black Keys. Other bands like Jimmy Eat World and Coheed and Cambria consistently play large venues and they appeared there as well. Metro is on the cutting edge of finding bands that are just on the cusp of making it big. So if your favorite band is playing a show here, don’t miss it. Because there’s a good chance you might not get to see them in a smaller setting for a long time. I mean, it isn't without it's flaws. If I had my druthers, the drinks would be cheaper, the bathrooms would be more conveniently places and bigger and I wouldn't have to stand under the balcony if I showed up a little late. But those are just minor things. Yeah, the sound suffers a little bit when you are under the balcony, but I have stood there for shows and it was never a big deal. This place is iconic and it’s no wonder local bands who make good always come back to play there. As if to pay homage to the great venue where it might have all started for them.
Possibly my favorite.
Alli E. May 3, 2013
The first time I went to The Metro was in 2006 for +44. The Metro always seems to attract larger acts - giving you an intimate experience with your favorite artists. I've never had a bad time at this venue.
One of the great music venues in Chicago
Maria S. Apr 28, 2013
From the balcony to the main floor, get ready for some sound music. It's more of a standing only venue but that's perfect for dancing/rocking to the beat. I like how you can see a range of talent at this venue: emerging, current, and classic. For instance, Columbia College just had their Biggest Mouth event there. Plus, you can't miss a visit to Wrigley.
It's where?
Andy J. Apr 8, 2013
The first time I attended a concert at the Metro, I couldn't believe it was just a couple blocks away from Wrigley Field. An already lively and fun environment just became a step away from heaven. As for the venue, the Metro is small. It's cramped. It's not for everyone. But if you're a fan of alternative music, I'm sure you can live with the moshing and jumping. The small floor makes it an intimate experience even if the band is trying to level the Metro to the ground. You can see into the eyes of the band members from any position, even if you're a VIP member up above. The history of the Metro is chilling. Everybody who's anybody in alternative music has played there. If it just so happens that the band is from Chicago, then you know you're going to get a great show. With a combination of a copacetic nightlife and magnificent setup, the Metro might be the best venue in Chicago.
Serina M. Mar 5, 2013
Ohhhh the Metro. Probably my favorite music venue in Chicago. I've been going to shows here since I was fourteen and it feels like home. It has an awesome band history behind it- From the Smashing Pumpkins to Nirvana to Brandnew and it's still going. I love how it's just big enough were you can see from any position (or maybe it's because I'm tall). Even from the upstairs it gives you a great view. I'm not a big drinker, so I'm not sure how cheap or expensive the drinks are. BUT! it's in Wrigleyville, (which some may say is douchey), but still a good time because there is a variety of bars within 4 blocks. There is also Smart Bar in the basement where sometimes the performers DJ. See a show here! it's the best.
We Love to Hide In The Metro
Tyler W. Feb 12, 2013
Ive fallen down and just got up to write this review for you. Greetings, I come with great news because I am currently laying eyes on one of my favorite bands of all time tearing up the funky trippy music venue Metro. I feel like I finally made it to my highschool prom, minus the black suit, I am feeling free losing it in this chic tee shirt adorning me. Less of me though, the band is keeping the party moving and everyone seems to be feeling like theyre in a music video bythe nods of their heads and scrunched up (this rocks) faces. This is completely stellar,and I cant wait until this never stops, becuase yes I take them back now that weve talked so FOB goes back on the ipod. Bring yourself down here and come party with us. Please forget your notepad, because I call first dibs on Pete Wentz's signature.
One of Chicago's finest attractions
Lauren R. Dec 28, 2012
I have had the pleasure of attending the Metro since a very young age because of my middle school. Joe Shanahan being a parent and frequent contributor to the school, offered up the Metro numerous times for talent shows and school functions. I also had the pleasure of attending a few benefit concerts here and the atmosphere is electric. It is one of the few venues in Chicago that even though it might be a sold out show (almost always), you can hear the artist and enjoy the music without any interruptions from the crowd. This is also true is regards to the standing room. It might be crowded, but even if you stand in the back, you can still see the artist without any trouble. Overall this place is great. The minute you step through the doors you can feel and see all of the history it has to offer and you truly feel as if you are apart of history because you have entered into a place where all of these famous legends have played.
Pretty good venue in an unlikely location
Craig B. Dec 11, 2012
I caught Sia (the opening acts were Ximena Sariñana and Oh Land) on a very nippy autumn evening and it makes me wish that I had had more opportunities to go to Metro. For better or worse, it's way up in Wrigleyville, and since I lived down in Hyde Park it was a real effort to get there. Next, there's not much that I'm interested in in that neighborhood, but that's how I found The Gingerman Tavern, which you should totally check out. The venue itself is pretty spacious, but it fills up quickly and if you want to be front and center you’ll have to get there first. Pushing, thankfully, is very much frowned upon.
Great concert venue
Christina W. Dec 9, 2012
I have only had the pleasure of attending one show at Metro, but it was truly wonderful. The atmosphere is lovely and intimate, and the acts they draw in seem to revel in that atmosphere, making each show a personal and thrilling experience. There is a balcony for viewing from above, but even if you're on the main floor you'll be able to see just fine. Not sure how they do it, but the sight lines are great even from the very back. I don't know a ton about the acoustics, but the sound was pretty great and there was no background noise, which was awesome. (You know how sometimes you can hear the crowd during a concert as much as the performer? Yeah, not here.) Basically it's the ideal concert venue, and so fitting in a city like Chicago. I think it's hilarious that Metro is located in Wrigleyville, but even so it's a great spot to hear some awesome music.
Chicago's Most Intimate Concert Experience
Cale G. Oct 1, 2012
I was 12 years old the first time I hit up Chicago's Metro. That same year I had found my way to Woodstock '99, but despite the overwhelming holy-shit magnificence of that festival, it was the Metro which began my concert-going and turned me on to live shows. And ever since then it has been the Metro with which I compare other concert venues. The reason is that the Metros intimate and no-BS rocker aesthetic was immediately burned into my retinal recollection like a smiley face. The place is attractive and unique to the Chicago music scene. It's that gritty feeling, that excruciatingly addictive vibe that Chicago's rocker culture seems to embody that couples so well with this venue. The place itself is relatively small; its best quality. Hell, my first concert there was a buddy's guitar teacher's band and the crowd was thin, but I won a T-shirt, almost spilled water on a guy's cocaine, and basically had a rocking good time (most shows are over 18 or over 21 of course). The smallness of the venue means you're never far from the performers on the elevated stage. Your bar is right there behind you, and if you have the right ticket you can find your way to the second floor and its dedicated bar as well. Heads up though, because that's going to be the one sticking problem--the small venue shows sells out quickly. You'll hear that parking is a problem, especially when there's a Cubs game, but the neighborhood of Wrigleyville is chock full of bars and clubs, which makes an all-nighter a veritable and appropriate possibility, especially if the concert was an energetic one. But anyway, in a venue so intimate, it doesn't take much on the part of the performer to make the space reverberate with energy.
Favorite indoor concert venue
Nick T. Aug 23, 2012
Ever since I saw 19-year old Alex Turner and co. of the Arctic Monkeys play the an amazing live set at the metro, I been a huge fan of this venue. It is very intimate with it being impossible to have a bad or even relatively bad view of the stage. There is a main floor on the bottom with a bar behind it that is pretty small so you are never really more than 100 feet from the stage. Then there is a balcony section that wraps around the top of the whole main floor that basically lets you watch the concert right on top of the band. Because of its size, tickets are hard to come by for many shows because they sell out so easily, but the positive side to size outweighs that negative. I feel like I've been invited a personal, exclusive show every time I see a concert here because of the size and configuration of the metro. It also helps that the Metro is kiddy corner from Wrigley so there is no shortage of bars to pre-game and/or go to after the shows. The only downside of the Metro is trying to find parking when there is a Cubs night game is very difficult unless you're willing to pay at least $20 for it.
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