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Lincoln Hall A combination bar, restaurant, and music venue developed by the same group behind Schubas Tavern, Lincoln Hall offers live alternative, indie, rock, or acoustic concerts every night, as well as laid-back dining and drinking. Chicago United States 41.926002 -87.64963
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Lincoln Hall - Bar | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Chicago.
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Party Earth Review A combination bar, restaurant, and music venue developed by the same group behind Schubas Tavern, Lincoln Hall offers live alternative, indie, rock, or acoustic concerts every night, as well as laid-back dining and drinking... ... read full review

  • Train:

    Brown, Purple Express, Red Lines: Fullerton

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  • Hours:

    M–F, Su 5pm–2am, Sa noon–3am
    Kitchen open until 10pm nightly

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    • Night Spot

Lincoln Hall Videos

Donnis LIVE @ Lincoln Hall: Chicago
Donnis LIVE @ Lincoln Hall: Chicago
Mike Gordon Dance Off at Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL 11/18/20
Julia Nunes "Balloons" at Lincoln Hall, Chicago
Dean and Britta - "Snowstorm" - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, 12-4-10
Wavves part 2 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago
volcano! - Long Gone - live @ Lincoln Hall (Chicago, 2010)

Party Earth Lincoln Hall Review

The Scene

A combination bar, restaurant, and music venue developed by the same group behind Schubas Tavern, Lincoln Hall offers live alternative, indie, rock, or acoustic concerts every night, as well as laid-back dining and drinking.

A combination bar, restaurant, and music venue developed by the same group behind Schubas Tavern, Lincoln Hall offers live alternative, indie, rock, or acoustic concerts every night, as well as laid-back dining and drinking.

Located in the heart of thriving Lincoln Park, the 8,400-square-foot venue features a roster of both upcoming local acts and internationally recognized headliners that brings in a diverse range of music lovers.

A modern restaurant draws young professionals and local yuppies ready to enjoy a relaxed after-work meal or catch the game on one of several TVs, while easygoing music fans and hipsters hang out over a few drinks at the bar before the musicians take the stage in the adjoining concert hall.

Although fans can get a prime view of the band from the wraparound mezzanine, where two TVs also broadcast a live feed of the concert, most of the punks, hipsters, frat types, and techno-fanatics – depending on the night – prefer to crowd closer to the stage, dancing emphatically to their favorite songs.

Diverse in both activity and clientele, Lincoln Hall is a one-stop venue for a great night on the town.

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Tip from Emma:

Make a dinner reservation for the night of your favorite band. They’ll set your table on the mezzanine one hour before show time, so you get a full meal and a prime viewing spot all in one!

  • Crowd

    Varies by performance, but can include hipsters, scenesters, metalheads, punks, preppy teens, fraternity types, easygoing music lovers, and subdued indie fans, late teens to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live concerts nightly. Varied acts from indie/alternative bands and acoustic artists to rock groups. Occasional other events like movie screenings. Several TVs tuned to sports or prime time programs. Mezzanine TVs showing a live feed of the concert.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Contemporary American menu featuring sliders, flatbreads, and southern-style sandwiches. Dinner reservations can be made via venue’s website. Some shows 18+. Limited street parking. Large pay lot at Children’s Hospital two blocks east on Fullerton.

  • Prices

    Concert tickets $8–$25. Appetizers $4.50–$8.50, flatbreads $8–$11, entrées $8.50–$12. Beer $3.50–$10, wine $7–$9, cocktails $5.50–$12.50. Coat check $2.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: skinny jeans, flannel, baggy punk gear, polos, khakis, summer dresses, flip-flops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night there’s a band of interest playing.

  • Close By

    Delilah's (2771 North Lincoln Avenue) for DJs spinning punk, rock, and reggae.

Lincoln Hall User Reviews

Average rating:
Amazing Sound
Andrew S. Apr 29, 2013
Lincoln Hall is definitely toward the top of the list for small venues to see a show in Chicago. Chicago has legendary places like Metro and Double Door but Lincoln Hall might be right there with them. The venue itself is a little more upscale than those two places but it shouldn't make you think they don't know how to rock. Lincoln Hall continues to book great acts from all over the globe, which is great. But what keeps me coming back here is the sound. I am a frequent concert goer but by no means am I an audio snob. But after a while you start to notice the difference in sound quality from venue to venue and I have to say Lincoln Hall has it figured out. The place sounds amazing. It is never so loud that you leave with severe loss of hearing. But it is loud enough to rock. After all, that is what we all go there for, right? Often people are hesitant to see certain bands or go to certain venues because of the crowd it may attract. But at Lincoln Hall the crowd is always pretty diverse. Anyone seems to fit in at this place. Every show I have seen here has proved this point. There's usually an older crowd floating around drinking the higher end drinks. The younger crowd that is there to get a little rowdy and the "inbetweeners" like myself. I know some people will complain about the crowd...because everyone always complains about crowds. But my answer to that is, every rock show would suck if it were based on the crowd. There's always going to be someone or a few someones there to rub you the wrong way. Drinks are reasonably priced. Well, to me at least. You won't pay the crazy-high concert rate here. And that to me is always a plus. Pretty much, if you are looking to see a show keep your eyes on the Lincoln Hall website because you are bound to find some amazing bands for great prices.
Please go to a concert here
Brian H. Apr 18, 2013
Wowza. I first went to Lincoln Hall a few weeks ago because my beloved Protomen were in town and I was not going to miss another show. Luckily, the venue is a short bus ride from my place and is pretty much right next to the Fullerton El stop. Inside, I was immediately greeted with a typical but definitely nice bar setup: plenty of tables and stools, bartenders and drink specials, etc. Fine as bars go, but I was focused on a musical night. ...then I walked into the next room. Damn. I was impressed with the Protomen's/I Fight Dragons' Metro show but this venue may have won me over. The stage is just awesome. You can get close enough to the band to really be part of the experience but the whole room is massive enough where it's nowhere near cramped and the acoustics shine. There's another bar in this room (can't make you a Long Island but you take what you get), and a second balcony floor with seats for higher viewing. I don't know what these crowd complaints are, because Protomen fans are awesome. Lincoln Hall has food, drinks, so many bands, and totally excels as a concert venue. If a band you like is heading to Lincoln hall, do yourself a favor and check this place out.
An Ideal Venue
Chris F. Mar 7, 2013
My first visit to Lincoln Hall was an awe-struck trip of architecture, atmosphere and grooving. Conveniently located on Lincoln Ave, easily accessible via train, bus, etc., this approachable music venue/restaurant/bar offers laid back enjoyment and live music any night of the week. The cozy front room restaurant and bar provides a calm place to order food and drinks before a show but if you play your cards right, you can grab a table in the mezzanine and gaze over the stage for prime people-watching. But what really sold me on Lincoln Hall was the stage. Coming from Omaha, I've been missing the small venues fitted with top-of-the-line light and sound boards worthy of the best performers. Lincoln Hall's stage is small enough for intimate acoustic singer/songwriters and energetic enough for lively rock and indie power bands. A shallow but wide stage swims in beaming hues with well-balanced sound levels managed by total pro's in the sound booth. Twice now I've been so impressed with the sound at concerts that I've met the sound tech for a drink after the show. The lineup is always versatile and unexpected. Definitely check out their website for upcoming shows and find one you can look forward to. This venue is dynamic and fun. Relaxed atmosphere and friendly patrons. Certain performers will draw less than desirable crowds, but hey, no venue is perfect.
Dinner and a show
Nick C. Feb 21, 2013
I like sitting above the bands when visiting Lincoln Hall. There is something about looking over the ledge and watching the crowd below enjoy the music. It has a great location and always books solid bands. I saw Tanlines there last summer after Pitchfork and it was very enjoyable. The place is old, but it has plenty of character and that's what I want from a concert. I don't want a sterile environment when I see a show. I want a unique experience that no one else besides the people in that room can say that they know about. Lincoln Hall offers that and more.
Fun, Nice Venue
Zach S. Feb 19, 2013
For years my friends had told me to see a show at Lincoln Hall, and for some reason my schedule never let it work out. I was finally able to visit the venue this past September when I saw Cloud Nothings though. I really liked it. It had a nice, laid back atmosphere and all of the employees were super nice. The bar/restaurant in the front has some really good food and beer too. We stood on the balcony for the show and the sound and view were both great. No complaints.
Intimate and fair
Caroline K. Feb 6, 2013
My night at Lincoln hall was much more magical than I had envisioned it being. I went to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, with Local Natives and Fools Gold as the opening bands. This venue was a little rough around the edges, but that's what gives it its charisma and charm. Yes granted some of the audience members were a little crass but that was so easy to get over once I just focused on the music. I didn't really notice anyone else, not even the people I came with (sorry friends). I thought this location was great and the price was outstanding (12 bucks). I would definitely go back.
A real shame...
Craig B. Dec 10, 2012
Lincoln Hall is a great venue in a great location and they manage to book great band after great band, but it seems like all the concertgoers act as rude as they can without breaking anything, and that ruined this place for me. Whether it's the teeny boppers who decided to light up during the Best Coast show, the drunken 30-somethings who heckled Starf*cker throughout their headline performance, or the wanna-be punks who tried to start a violent mosh pit during Delorean's set, it was like I couldn't catch a break with a decent crowd. It really is a shame because the price is often very good for the acts (and drinks) that Lincoln Hall is able to offer.
Incredible acoustics, mediocre clientele
Christina W. Dec 9, 2012
I have been to Lincoln Hall several times. The music lineup tends to be pretty fantastic, ranging from big-name electronic acts to up-and-coming hip hop and alternative groups. It's not uncommon for me to find a show at Lincoln Hall that I'm excited about and know I will enjoy. But the people who go there make me angry. They're snooty, they're loud, and they don't give a crap about all of the people around them. It's so irritating! I go to Lincoln Hall to see and hear the bands I am really excited about, not to talk through the entire concert or shove people in front of me out of the way. The lack of decorum and courtesy is truly astonishing. I stopped going here after a while, because people aren't very polite. It's really too bad, though, because Lincoln Hall has by far the best acoustics (and sound system) of any venue in Chicago. So if you're up for battling the masses, definitely check it out. If not, it's probably not the place for you.
Best music venue in Chicato
Brinda G. Dec 7, 2012
Hands-down the best place to see a show in the city. If a band you like plays here, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Even though Lincoln Hall is new, it’s not sterile at all—it’s warm and full of character. (Perhaps the ghost of the oldsy timesy movie theater that sat on this site—the Threepenny—shines through.) And since it’s new, every detail was attended to, like perfect acoustics, great sightlines, and non-horrible bathrooms. Proves that you don’t need a sense of decay and decades of smoke stains to make for a good concert venue. The guys behind LH also own Schubas, and it’s obvious that they know what they’re doing in the music industry. In fact, though most of the acts booked here are well-known bands, I’d be willing to take a chance on an unknown that they chose to put on the schedule.
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