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Jay Pritzker Pavilion Looking for concerts & shows at Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this one-of-a-kind amphitheater! Chicago United States 41.883077 -87.621857
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Jay Pritzker Pavilion - Amphitheater | Concert Venue in Chicago.
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INFO Millennium Park has multiple famous landmarks, but the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is its most prominent feature. Its twisting, stainless-steel band shell was designed by superstar architect Frank Gehry, and significant attention... ... read more

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Videos

Calexico @ The Jay Pritzker Pavilion 092508
Calexico @ The Jay Pritzker Pavilion 092508
Natacha Atlas \ 1 @ The Jay Pritzker Pavilion 091806
Megitza Quartet performing (live) at Jay Pritzker Pavilion (Millennium Park, Chicago)
Millennium Park (Jay Pritzker Pavilion), Chicago/Nov 03, 2007
Emily Wells @ J. Pritzker Pavilion 081709
Shellac - My Black Ass (Live at Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago)

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Information

Jay Pritzker Pavilion - Amphitheater | Concert Venue in Chicago.

Millennium Park has multiple famous landmarks, but the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is its most prominent feature. Its twisting, stainless-steel band shell was designed by superstar architect Frank Gehry, and significant attention was paid to the venue’s acoustics. Crowds bring blankets and chairs and sprawl out over the lawn in front of the science-fiction-worthy stage. A lattice of beams over the bandstand’s lawn contains tiny speakers designed specifically to do justice to performers’ music.

Built in 2004, the pavilion has a capacity of around 11,000. Almost all concerts at the Pritzker Pavilion are free. The Grant Park Symphony Orchestra plays here, and acts such as The Decemberists and Tori Amos have had enormously popular concerts. Other Chicago arts institutions like the Lyric Opera and Steppenwolf Theatre sometimes change things up and hold performances for the masses on warm summer nights.

Other free events at the Pritzker Pavilion include the Chicago Dance Festival, in which the audience receives a dance lesson in a certain genre, followed by a dance party; morning workouts in disciplines like yoga; and movie screenings. The Chicago Dance Festival even has a winter counterpart, with instruction taking place on stage, walled off from the cold with a glass façade.

Outside food is allowed, but official park district policy forbids people bringing in alcohol. Beer is sold on-site.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion User Reviews

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A lovely place
Craig B. Dec 9, 2012
The Pritzker Pavilion is the not-at-all-hidden gem of the Grant Park/Millenium park area. It's good for a quick bite to eat, a lazy afternoon spent reading or people watching, a picnic, or a concert (often these are free!). It can get crowded, but if you're able to stake out a place for yourself then it is worth sticking around for a couple hours. The design work is incredible (I was first introduced to Frank Gehry's work at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and it seems like all of his work is wondrous, unique, and yet purposeful), and the acoustics/PA system for concerts are actually very good. Definitely worth a stop if you've got time to lounge about for an afternoon.
Great for a laid-back evening
Christina W. Dec 8, 2012
This place is really lovely. I'm not about to say that everything they do is wonderful, because I'm certainly not into all of the concerts and performances that are shown there. But seriously, let's be fair. Most of the performances are free, and they manage to reach out to a huge part of the city's residents with a set of unique and varied performances throughout the warmer months. Shows usually start in late May or early June, and continue until the weather turns cold again in the Fall. And it's really great! On Mondays you can go and watch a free movie with friends, have a picnic, and enjoy some beer sold at the nearby Goose Island-sponsored booths. Or you can see a free concert, whether it be the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. So if you are in Chicago in the summertime, make sure to look this up. There's a chance that a concert or event might interest you, and a high likelihood that it will be free of charge!
Great spot, wish they had more shows for me
Chris M. Nov 28, 2012
The Pritzker Pavilion is a great spot to see a show, right in the heart of downtown so it is perfect when there is a show in the after-work hours. Unfortunately, for me, most of the shows tend to be targeted to an older audience. Probably because the bands I like either could not draw that many people or they don't do free concerts. I did see the Decemberists show here and it was awesome, even from the back I could see the stage pretty well and the audience participation in some of the songs was really cool with ten thousand people. The sound was also top notch for an outdoor pavilion like this in the heart of the Loop. You can bring chairs, blankets, and a picnic, but no booze unfortunately. The shows tend to be classical music, which is fine, but they should bring in a younger crowd as well. I'm not saying they need to have an EDM fest here, because they don't, but nothing would be more amazing than seeing Wilco here or even some smaller, but established bands would make this a marquee venue that is so much closer than Ravinia. Central Park got Garth Brooks, Chicago should get on the map with a big name like that at Pritzker.
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