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Bottom Lounge Looking for concerts at Bottom Lounge in Chicago? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this one-of-a-kind live music venue! Chicago United States 41.885335 -87.661773
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Bottom Lounge - Live Music Venue in Chicago.
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INFO Live music and event venue Bottom Lounge began its life as a small neighborhood bar, but it took over a 20,000-square-foot space in the West Loop in 2008. The Bottom Lounge defies easy labels. Some nights, it is a venue... ... read more

Bottom Lounge Videos

SBTRKT - Wildfire LIVE @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago
SBTRKT - Wildfire LIVE @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago
Bruno Mars - Intro/ Other Side (Live @ Bottom Lounge Chicago)
August Burns Red @ Bottom Lounge Chicago 2/19/12
JOHNNY FLYNN - Sally (Bottom Lounge, Chicago)
Pierce the Veil "Caraphernelia" @ The Bottom Lounge, Chicago 12/9/11
CHEAP TIME zig zag @ bottom lounge, chicago
Bill Callahan Our Anniversary Bottom Lounge, Chicago
Atari Teenage Riot, "Speed", Bottom Lounge, Chicago, 100110
Fishbone Lyin' Ass Bitch live - Bottom Lounge Chicago 12/10/2011
Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man (Bottom Lounge, Chicago)
atari teenage [email protected] lounge,chicago 10-1-10 'not your business' & 'ghost chase'
Blonde Redhead - Falling Man - Live @Bottom Lounge, Chicago - 071911
Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Last Days (Bottom Lounge, Chicago 3.13.10)
Dreamend - Magnesium Light live @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago 3.19.10

Bottom Lounge Information

Bottom Lounge - Live Music Venue in Chicago.

Live music and event venue Bottom Lounge began its life as a small neighborhood bar, but it took over a 20,000-square-foot space in the West Loop in 2008. The Bottom Lounge defies easy labels. Some nights, it is a venue for indie bands like Owl City and electronic acts like My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. The next night, it could host an art exhibit…with a pig roast, a Lollapalooza after-party, or a salsa night. Due to its proximity to the United Center, Bottom Lounge is a big gathering spot for Blackhawks fans, and a free shuttle takes people between the bar and the stadium.

Because the space is so versatile, special events at Bottom Lounge are very popular. The main floor, with a large stage, has a capacity of 700, while the upstairs space, called the Volcano Room, can hold 300. The Volcano Room is also a full-service restaurant with American classic food, open for lunch and dinner. A patio deck adjoining the Volcano Room is available for rental.

Bottom Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
Diversity is the name of the game
Andrew D. Apr 26, 2013
On any given night, the Bottom Lounge can be a creepshow full of emo kids listening to shit music, a hippie convention tripping on acid watching a jam band, an MDMA-fest watching a DJ, or a brofest watching a Hawks game. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but just illustrates how versatile this venue is and how it can accommodate so many different walks of life. Just make sure you know what's going on when you choose to go! The bar is massive, with cool arcade games, an awesome beer selection, and a pretty dope music venue (despite the dirt and grime). Only real knock on this place is that the make some shows 17+. This is a BAR - make shows here 21 and up. You will still sell out and have a higher spending clientele who can actually utilize the side bar near the stage. The only bonus to the 17+ shows is that there is rarely a line to get a beer, which is a plus. But you also have to deal with drunk teens who cannot hold the booze they consumed on their way to the show, or have taken copious amounts of drugs which they cannot handle either. Albeit, this is one of those "once-a-year" venues I go to when a band I like sneaks their way into the schedule.
Bottoms Up
William B. Mar 27, 2013
Fans love the music, the atmosphere and the beer list at this West Loop venue that's garnered plenty of street cred in Chicago's underground rock scene; it also serves a decent, affordable American menu, and the large space means it never feels crowded, especially when you escape to the rooftop in summer months.
Rachael D. Feb 4, 2013
My favorite venue in all Chi City! I've been back to Bottom Lounge over and over to see acts such as The Dear Hunter, Mickey Avalon and The Millionaires. Great Atmosphere with enough space to dance, drink, and see the stage, yet cozy enough to feel part of a special event. Have had nothing but great experiences every time, and the people who attend shows here seem to have similar mindsets. I would recommend Bottom Lounge to any and everyone and cannot wait to return in April for The Dear Hunter's upcoming album tour.
Friday night Salsaaaaaa!
Jessica S. Oct 4, 2012
Love the upstairs, has an amazing dance floor and access to the outdoor patio with beautiful view of the city. Drinks are pretty affordable ($6 range for the standard rails and a huge "bachatarita" is like $12). If you get there early (like a little before 10), it's great to catch a drink, hang out, and dance, since there's usually room. But after 11:45, it's PACKED. You can barely dance. But at least you can go catch some fresh air and enjoy the view. Fairly trendy crowd but not pretentious. Lots of girls in cute tops or dresses with heels (including salsa shoes), and guys in nice tops and pants or nice jeans. Nothing too fancy. I've seen many a venue attempt to "own" salsa on Friday nights, and it's switched hands more times than I can count. But this one might stick! Been back weekly for months now, and I'm still loving it. One of the best dance floors for salsa (and cha cha, meringue, bachata, cumbia, etc.) in the city. Only complaint-parking around there is a nightmare. If you can commute or cab it, I would recommend doing so. Free lessons at around 9pm! BRING IT!
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