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Café Ba-Ba-Reeba - Spanish Restaurant | Tapas Bar in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Many residents of Lincoln Park have a lot of money, so fine dining follows. World-renowned Charlie Trotter’s was until very recently around the corner from rowdy college bars like Beaumont’s, and top chefs like Top Chef’s Dale Levitski (with his restaurant Sprout) still set up shop here. Restaurants in Lincoln Park aren’t all chi-chi expense-account destinations, however. Many are popular gathering spots for the neighborhood’s huge post-college population.

Lincoln Park’s many pubs double as restaurants, offering pub grub and other comfort food. Irish pubs actually owned by real Irish people make sure that fish-and-chips and shepherd’s pie will never be in short supply here. Cozy names like The Galway Arms, Corcoran’s Grill & Pub, and Glascott’s Groggery ensure warm food on a cold day.

Lincoln Park restaurants also include trendy spots such as the always-packed tapas bar Café Ba-Ba-Reeba and clubby Zella. Good-looking neighborhood yuppies and groups of girlfriends flock to these chic spots for cocktails and small plates. In the summer, those same people shed their inhibitions and head to Castaways Bar & Grill, situated on the upper decks of the huge boat-shaped North Avenue Beach House. Here, tropical drinks help wash down the burgers while bikini-clad diners can gaze out onto the lake.

Late at night, Lincoln Park can still keep the masses well-fed. A Chicago institution, The Wieners Circle is a little hot-dog shack famous for its belligerent staff. As drunken Lincoln Parkers stumble in for fries, they follow tradition and yell profanities at the ladies behind the counter, who quickly retort with even more cutting insults. It’s a strange game, but it’s much-loved. Not every restaurant in Lincoln Park has to be a 4-star establishment, after all.

Popular Lincoln Park Restaurants

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  • * Zella 20s / Bar / Bar Food / Bar Food

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