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Greenhouse Theater Center - Theater in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Bars in Lincoln Park really do have everything to offer and are therefore perfect for the truly indecisive bar-lover. From blues to burgers, open-mic to dancing, Lincoln Park offers a little bit of everything to satisfy a variety of tastes and desires.

A must-visit for blues-lovers is Kingston Mines, one of Chicago’s oldest and most recognized blues clubs. While the music might be soulful and sad and filled with unfortunate romantic endeavors, the atmosphere is energetic and lively. And across the street is B.L.U.E.S., yet another blues bar that invites a large local population as well as brave college-students looking to prove their blues knowledge.

Students and hipsters can also find comfort in Lincoln Park. A variety of laid-back venues featuring live music, open-mic nights, and trivia offer relaxed bar-goers decent gastropub fare, local music acts, and easy enjoyment. Lilly’s invites DePaul students to recite poetry and enjoy live music on the regular, while Wise Fools Pub, a dog-friendly establishment, is a laid-back spot to bring in some pizza from down the block and drain pints with friends.

And of course, there’s dancing. A popular spot is The Apartment, which offers cheap booze and rug-shaking for those looking to loosen up. Or for the more hardcore crowd, check out the Liar’s Club, which pounds metal music the way it pounds cheap beer: heavily.

Popular Lincoln Park Bars

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