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Sports Bars in Wrigleyville Overview

Smart Bar - Club in Wrigleyville, Chicago

The question should be, “What bars in Wrigleyville are NOT sports bars?” There are plenty, FYI, but they’re clearly the minority. Wrigleyville streets, fanning out from historic Wrigley Field, seem to carry a bar blasting sports every ten feet; this neighborhood may be the world capital of sports bars.

Clark, Addison, Sheffield, and Waveland, the four streets surrounding the baseball field, are jam-packed with popular spots. Longtime favorites like The Cubby Bear and Murphy’s Bleachers share this prime real estate with newcomers like Red Ivy. They all have Cubby blue in common, and on home game days, the streets close to accommodate the fans spilling out of the open facades onto sidewalks and the road. Even in the offseason, these bars are popular places to check out the three B’s: Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks.

Away from the beating heart of the neighborhood, other sports bars in Wrigleyville tend to have a similar feel to their epicenter brethren. Old-school taverns Sheffield’s and Johnny O’Hagan’s aren’t playing at being charming watering holes; the current clientele’s grandparents probably cheered for the Cubbies at these memorabilia-lined spots.

Wrigleyville sports bars are pretty much the model for sports bars nationwide. With their beer specials, cute servers, wall-to-wall TVs, and festival atmosphere, they charm even away-team fans (as long as they respect the Lovable Losers).

Popular Wrigleyville Sports Bars

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