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Restaurant / Sports Bar / Burger Joint

Rockit Burger Bar - Restaurant | Sports Bar | Burger Joint in Chicago.

Party Earth Review Just steps away from a stretch of the city’s rowdiest sports bars, Rockit Burger Bar offers hearty pub grub, live music, and a slightly more laid-back vibe in an upscale, but still sports-focused, environment. Much like its original sister bar in River North, Rockit in Wrigleyville is known for its energetic yet easygoing ... more


3700 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60613

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Bar / Coffee Shop / Live Music Venue / Restaurant

Uncommon Ground - Bar | Coffee Shop | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Chicago.

Party Earth Review A lively coffee house, restaurant, and live music venue, Uncommon Ground features nightly acts and hearty sustainable cuisine that bring in everyone from crunchy young hipsters and aging hippies to music lovers and mellow Cubs fans. Students and artsy types in need of a caffeine kick take their books to the back room, where ... more


3800 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60613

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Brunch in Wrigleyville Overview

Gingerman Tavern - Dive Bar in Wrigleyville, Chicago

A neighborhood as boozy as Wrigleyville requires a major brunch scene. Luckily, Wrigleyville brunch spots sit alongside the late-night bars that make bacon and eggs sound so appealing in the morning. Many of the neighborhood pubs offer brunch menus with the usual French toast, omelets, and Bloody Marys, but there are plenty of other hangover helpers that serve as proper restaurants.

At dusk, Rockit Burger Bar focuses heavily on the “bar” part of its name, but everyone knows that it has good food. The kitchen gets an extra chance to shine during brunch, when eggs, waffles, and mimosas tide over blurry minds. And since brunch lasts until 4pm, the restaurant’s famed wagyu Kobe beef burger makes sense if mealtime skews closer to lunch than breakfast.

Nearby Uncommon Ground wears many costumes, from coffeehouse to bar, but brunch-time is a focused time for the restaurant. Perennially named one of the most eco-friendly restaurants in the country, Uncommon Ground gives an organic touch to A.M. favorites like chilaquiles and pancakes. The restaurant’s full bar is fortunately operational, as hipsters are as likely as sports fans to seek out a little hair of the dog at brunch. Brunch in Wrigleyville means good food…but it also means good day drinking.

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