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Restaurants in Boystown Overview

Jacqueline's - Dive Bar in Boystown, Chicago

Upscale Boystown is a nightlife destination, and its restaurants range from ethnic storefronts for quick dinners before barhopping to lounges that serve as nightlife spots themselves. Like the neighborhood’s bars, most restaurants in Boystown line the streets of Halsted Street and Broadway Avenue, and they tend to be as crowded as their neighboring drinking holes.

Some gay bars also specialize in food. Sophisticated lounge minibar sets out small plates to pair fabulously with cocktails or bottles of wine, while there is (purposely) nothing sophisticated about the fun-loving, kitschy drag show at the Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club.

Foodies can check out Hearty, the restaurant from Food Network stars “The Hearty Boys,” couple Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh. Other gourmand spots range from trendy (Wood) to looks-are-deceiving (strange-looking, but beloved, Yoshi’s). Foodies on a budget will be equally satisfied with the area’s many Asian spots. Joy’s Noodles & Rice and clubby Ping Pong have both built a loyal following over the years, and sleek little sushi spots seem to spring up all the time.

With all the martinis mixed on these streets, some Boystown restaurants luckily serve breakfast for the bleary-eyed. One of a popular local chain, Nookies Tree Restaurant dishes out brunch to huge crowds. Meanwhile, the Chicago Diner may confuse with its name. This is no greasy-spoon dive; the Chicago Diner is a vegan restaurant that has been around from the days when the average person didn’t know tofu from seitan. Its long-running popularity is typical of Boystown restaurants, which give the people what they want and do it so well that they attract fan clubs.

Popular Boystown Restaurants

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