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Restaurants in Lakeview Overview

Berlin Nightclub - Nightclub in Lakeview, Chicago

As one of the most populous neighborhoods in the city, Lakeview is really many hoods in one, and the restaurant scene reflects its diverse residents. Young people rush to score apartments in this area, and Lakeview restaurants cater to those who head out for dinner with friends as much as possible.

The yuppie vibe around the Southport and Paulina stops means more upscale restaurants, some with clubby atmospheres like Coobah and Tango Sur. The post-college crowd might have to maneuver the world of strollers when trying to grab a hungover brunch on Sunday mornings at pricier spots like Wishbone and Southport Grocery and Café.

Moving into Wrigleyville, the countless hot-dog stands mingle with pizza institutions meant for soaking up gameday beers. It’s not all just counter food, and even non-fans have reasons to wander Clark Street. These blocks are diverse enough that groundbreaking eco-restaurant Uncommon Ground sits next to dark-and-sexy Rockit Burger Bar.

Boys Town and the rest of East Lakeview have the market on hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurants with hugely loyal followings, many with fantastic outdoor seating for people-watching. Restaurants in Lakeview are all over the map, but they always seem busy, loud, and full of natural sources of entertainment.

Popular Lakeview Restaurants

  • * Cooper's 20s / 30s / 40s / After Work
  • * Fish Bar 30s / 40s / Alternative Rock
  • * Justin's 20s / 30s / 40s / Anything goes
  • * Matilda After Work / Ambient / Bar / Beer

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