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Schoolyard Tavern - Restaurant | Sports Bar in Lakeview, Chicago

Lakeview bars are impossible to sum up in a few words. Cubbie sports bars here, historical dive there, a pricey wine bar next door. People in the neighborhood love their bars, that’s for sure, and the thriving market means a bar for every taste.

Bars with staying power are the norm here, and some are great symbols of the neighborhood’s changes and character. Delilah’s captures much of what makes Lakeview great: over four hundred kinds of whiskey for drink snobs, a mix of punk and metal for the rebel set, and blaring football and hockey games for the jocks. The crazy Breakfast-Club-type mix is not unusual for these parts.

The juxtaposition of Wrigleyville and Boystown further shows that everyone just loves this area. Legendary sports bars like The Cubby Bear are around the corner from legendary gay bars like Roscoe’s. Bar-hopping just got eclectic!

It’s obviously easy to find sports bars in the neighborhood that houses Wrigley Field, and it’s getting increasingly simple to find live-music spots right next to them. Tiny rooms at institutions like Schubas Tavern and Elbo Room bring in some of the biggest names in alt-rock and are often some of the first spots played by tomorrow’s superstars. Lakeview is not hipster headquarters, but music geeks surely have reason to visit. As do everyone else; bars in Lakeview are simply so numerous, something is bound to hit to sweet spot.

Popular Lakeview Bars

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  • * Delilah's Anything goes / Arcade Games / Bar
  • * Elbo Room 20s / 30s / 40s / 80s Music / ATM
  • * Fish Bar 30s / 40s / Alternative Rock
  • * Justin's 20s / 30s / 40s / Anything goes
  • * Matilda After Work / Ambient / Bar / Beer

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