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Pizano's Pizza & Pasta - Italian Restaurant | Pizza Place in Gold Coast, Chicago

Any night of the week on the Gold Coast presents hordes of 20-somethings pulling each other along to bars and restaurants. Because of the needs of countless bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, conventioneers, and post-work colleague drunken time, places that are good for groups on the Gold Coast number higher than in the average neighborhood.

Most of the bars along Rush and Division Streets are used to, and welcome, big groups…though a big group of girls will probably get faster access than a gang of dudes. “Singles” spots like The Hangge-Uppe and The Original Mother’s have crowds consisting of big groups, all arguing about which person is serving as wing(wo)man for the night. Some bars, like dueling-piano karaoke spot Howl at the Moon, actively encourage big groups. Belting out songs is better in a crowd, after all.

Gold Coast restaurants tend to also be great for groups, as their dining rooms are used for parties of a dozen or so crowding in at once. From expensive steakhouses like Morton’s to tourist standbys for pizza like Lou Malnati’s, most area restaurants won’t balk at a party of ten, or fifteen, or twenty close friends.

Many of the area’s hotel bars are also perfect for big groups, as their spacious layouts equal fewer elbows in the face. Unlike Rush and Division bars, however, these spots, like Le Bar in the Sofitel Hotel, are reserved and elegant, better for a big group of mellow friends than a bachelorette party covered in boas.

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