Berlin Nightclub

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Berlin Nightclub - Nightclub in Chicago.
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INFO Berlin Nightclub is an eclectic gay dance club in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. The late-night hotspot is home to live DJs, theme nights, and featured artists six nights a week. Berlin Nightclub opened in 1983 as a... ... read more

Berlin Nightclub Videos

SSION - live show at Berlin Nightclub - Chicago, IL (New Years Eve 2010)
SSION - live show at Berlin Nightclub - Chicago, IL (New Years Eve 2010)
Berlin Nightclub Chicago Gay Pride Parade Float 2010
Detox Icunt Berlin Nightclub Chicago 2012
DJ Lady Miss Kier at Berlin Night Club (Chicago, IL) Featuring music by David Bowie "Fashion"
Vogue @ Berlin Nightclub Chicago
MadonnaRama @ Berlin Nightclub Chicago 8/5/2012
Berlin NIghtclub Chicago - Cult 2 Year Anniversary (Mykki Blanco)
Tippi Marie-Peppermint @ Berlin Nightclub Chicago
Miztress Vana @ Berlin Nightclub Chicago

Berlin Nightclub Information

Berlin Nightclub - Nightclub in Chicago.

Berlin Nightclub is an eclectic gay dance club in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. The late-night hotspot is home to live DJs, theme nights, and featured artists six nights a week.

Berlin Nightclub opened in 1983 as a video bar. Originally half the size it is today, the bar immediately became a welcoming local spot that celebrated diversity, drawing everyone from tattooed artists to gaggles of girlfriends to transvestites. The bar was known for its eclectic theme-based décor, which was constantly changing and at one point included a live petting zoo.

After huge popularity forced Berlin to expand, the nightclub became a famous dance emporium in the 90s, a trend that has continued to this day. With a rotating set of DJs, along with some weekly, monthly, and one-time theme nights, the club continues to draw avid partygoers nightly. In fact, the DJ music at Berlin Nightclub has been of such high quality over the past decade that DJs have used Berlin as a means to break into the house music industry.

Today, Berlin Nightclub is home to some of Chicago’s most famous parties. From first Sundays (Madonna-Ramma) to $1-Drink Tuesdays to world-class DJs on Wednesdays and Fridays, entertainment is guaranteed when Berlin opens its doors.

Berlin Nightclub User Reviews

Average rating:
So dance, dance like it's the last last night of your life life
Anne W. Apr 15, 2013
Great music, cheap drinks (especially for Chicago) and the most fabulous Queens. Need you ask for more? It's loud and a bit on the grimy/sticky side, but you'll quickly forget about it because the atmosphere is that much fun. I've never heard a song that I couldn't dance to there. This is a great place to go when you're out with friends whether you're gay or straight. Everyone is welcome as long as you like to dance! Drink specials range from $2 PBRs to $3 Berlin Bombs (a shot of flavored Bacardi and soda).
Where the Freaks Creep
Bella M. Feb 23, 2013
The strange thing about Berlin is that I never mean to go here but somehow I always end up here like a glittery magnetic force. Anyway, this place is great especially on Friday or Saturday night or around pride. $10 to get in but there's usually a couple drink specials going on. This is one of the few gay bars in Boystown that is pretty inclusive. You'll find all kinds here-gays, lesbians, trans*, drag queens, and their hags. Nobody cares! Everyone just wants to dance! So if you're the kind that just wants to stand around with a drink in your hand and pose....Well, um, yeah, you're out of luck... Speaking of dancing, the music in this place ranges from disco, pop, house and techno. I'm glad they don't play the same 12 generic top 40 songs on repeat. It's a loud, sweaty but a little cramped. I count that as a plus because the crowd is so pretty. In short, GO! You will like it or if you don't you might just be a stick in the mud!
Just dance
Zara H. Feb 19, 2013
Berlin is the thing all true "cubs" should be - uninhibited. When you step in to Berlin, it isn't like walking into an establishment - it feels more like a party, really. Come prepared to dance and mingle. The crowd here is fabulously friendly. It may not become your go-to Friday night destination. A night at Berlin requires alot of energy, and sometimes you just don't have that. But for the nights you do, this Brooklyn-style party spot is a must-try.
Everyone's welcome
Brinda G. Dec 7, 2012
Berlin has been around for so long, while trendy clubs close within years, because people actually like it. It's not a place to be endured because it's cool; it's just cool. It's kind of the club equivalent of New Orleans: no matter what your deal is, you're welcome to get in on the scene here. Gay, straight, none of the above? That's cool. Dressed great, or like a dork? No problem. The place is really high-energy, so be ready to be out late and burn a lot of calories. The music is all over the map, but it's always good to dance to. Best of all, it's not that expensive!
Wild nights and dancing till dawn
Christina W. Nov 14, 2012
Berlin is one of those wild, crazy, eclectic nightlife spots that you really just have to check out at some point. Whether you live in Chicago or you're just paying a visit, experiencing an all-night dance party at Berlin is a must. With top-notch DJs, a leveled dance floor with a variety of stages and platforms you can embarrass yourself upon, and the most colorful and oddly-named cocktails you can find, a night at Berlin is one you're guaranteed to remember (or at least attempt to). Also, Tuesday is $1 drink night. Who needs to work on Wednesdays anyways, right?
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