Chicago Whiskey Bars Overview

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Hard drinkers and those with a taste for the finer things in life can converge on Chicago whiskey bars, knowing that each establishment will likely claim to have the finest spirits collection in town. Old-school spots in the Loop may cater to older suits, but the next generation of drinkers has plenty of options.

Chicago whiskey bars catering to unconventional crowds abound. Punk-and-metal bar Delilah’s and biker bar The Twisted Spoke bring in hipsters and eccentric characters alike. Both bars have non-stop entertainment, like Delilah’s Punk Rock Mondays and The Twisted Spoke’s Smut & Eggs, which features vintage 70s porn and, well, eggs. Their whiskey lists are extensive – The Twisted Spoke has 500+ varieties, for example – and on a quiet night you might have the chance to learn a bit about the varieties from the bartenders.

Big 10 frat boys wanting to try out a new drink have two locations of Rocks, one in Lakeview and one in Lincoln Park. Drawing a preppy and sporty crowd, the venues combine whiskey with familiar neighborhood-bar trappings like burgers and beer gardens. Their whiskey lists are much more modest than the ones at Twisted Spoke and Delilah’s, but they’re great for newbies looking to try out a new drink.

Foodie joints such as The Fountainhead and Longman and Eagle have married quality food to quality spirits. Wine and beer pairings are old news – these places can recommend the best whiskey to enjoy with your fine dining. From high-rolling businessmen to tattooed bikers, whiskey bars in Chicago have a place for everyone to have a shot or drink on the rocks.

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