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Sheffield's Located just three blocks from the Cubs' home at Wrigley Field, Sheffield's is a cavernous beer and barbecue joint popular with baseball fans, jocks, hipsters, and girlfriend groups. Chicago United States 41.941591 -87.654215
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Sheffield's - Bar | Restaurant in Chicago.
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Party Earth Review Located just three blocks from the Cubs’ home at Wrigley Field, Sheffield’s is a cavernous beer and barbecue joint popular with everyone from baseball fans and jocks to craft-seeking hipsters and groups of giddy girlfriends... ... read full review

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    Brown, Purple Express, Red Lines: Belmont

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    Restaurant: M–W 11am–11pm, Th–F 11am–midnight, Sa 10am–midnight, Su 10am–11pm
    Bar: M–F 11am–2am, Sa 10am–3am, Su 10am–midnight

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Party Earth Sheffield's Review

The Scene

Located just three blocks from the Cubs' home at Wrigley Field, Sheffield's is a cavernous beer and barbecue joint popular with baseball fans, jocks, hipsters, and girlfriend groups.

Located just three blocks from the Cubs’ home at Wrigley Field, Sheffield’s is a cavernous beer and barbecue joint popular with everyone from baseball fans and jocks to craft-seeking hipsters and groups of giddy girlfriends.

Consisting of three rooms, each with its own bar and large TV, the venue can definitely get rowdy on game days, but the focus is less on sports and more on libations and big cuts of meat.

Young professionals and preppy types tend to gravitate toward the leather booths in the first room to wolf down Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, while young couples head to the darker area in back to snuggle by one of the fireplaces, sip microbrews from the hundred-plus beer list, and watch the restaurant’s wood-paneled smoker through a glass-paned viewing window.

Athletic types and general beer fanatics wander to the aptly-named Beer School room, which features an impressive collection of beer cans glued to the ceiling, regular keg tappings and tastings, and open mic music nights.

Warm weather days bring the whole gang out to the outdoor beer garden, where chatty patrons gather on simple wooden benches to mingle over some unique ales.

Great for both a pre-game pump-up or a post-work chill-out, Sheffield’s offers a diverse and welcoming atmosphere that keeps its varied clientele coming back for craft brews and barbecue every single night.

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Tip from Lucas:

When you walk in, don’t just pull up the first bar stool you see. Each of the three bars offers a different array of drafts, so wander around and figure out where your favorite brews are located.

  • Crowd

    Fraternity types, sports fans, young professionals, businessmen, Lakeview couples, and hipsters, mid-20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    TVs in each room tuned to sports, plus a large projector in the back room for prime viewing. Playlist of rock and alternative jams. Open mic night the second Wednesday of the month. Occasional beer events including Beer School and tastings. Check website for schedule.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Southern-style barbecue including Carolina pulled pork and Texas brisket, all smoked in-house. Party and catering packages available. Vegetarian options available.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $6–$10, sandwiches $7–$9, barbecue platters $10–$17. Beer $4–$7+, wine $7–$10, cocktails $5–$10, growlers $14–$16 w/$6 deposit.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Nice casual to business casual: button-downs, slacks, skirts, blouses during the week, and athletic gear, fleeces, skinny jeans, flannel shirts on weekends.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekday evenings for barbecue and drinks, and Friday and Saturday nights or during Cubs’ games for a more energetic crowd.

  • Close By

    Risqué Café (3419 North Clark Street) serves up more beer and barbecue, along with regular live rock and roll.

Sheffield's User Reviews

Average rating:
Great Beer, Great Food, Great Place
Emily S. Apr 26, 2013
Sheffield’s bar and grill, located just a few blocks from Wrigley Field, exemplifies all that I love about local Chicago drinking and dining dens. Unpretentiously located on the corner of Sheffield Avenue and School Street (and conveniently just a few short blocks from the Belmont El), patrons discover upon entering that this humble looking establishment has a lot to offer. The interior of Sheffield’s consists of three different rooms, each equipped with a full bar, all with different craft beers on tap. That’s right. Three different bars, and over one hundred craft beers to choose from. But it doesn’t stop there. Sheffield’s also makes delicious food, barbecue being their specialty. With a menu that includes a mouth watering list of appetizers (think armadillo eggs, buffalo chicken rolls, and fried onion strings...the list goes on), soups and chili, salads, sandwiches, ribs, chicken, pulled pork, a tempting selection of sides, and (as if that weren’t enough) dessert options that include bourbon blueberry cheesecake and mud pie. For all the vegetarians out there, have no fear. Sheffield’s has plenty of delicious meatless options to satisfy any hungry stomach. (They’re also pretty relaxed here when it comes with substituting or making a dish your own.) Besides from eating in any of the aforementioned rooms, they have a back patio where diners can sit and eat at any one of the picnic tables. In the winter they kindly screen in a section of the patio and equip it with patio heaters, so you don’t have to worry about freezing to death while you chow down. The cherry on this cake is that this place is affordable. Forget shelling out the big bucks for a night out eating and drinking. Sheffield’s is notorious for having some kick-ass drink specials, so be sure to check with your bartender or server about what the current promotion is. They also regularly host an array of events in the back area (dubbed “The Smoker Room”). From music open mics and comedy shows, to literary readings and beer tastings, their calendar of events include something for everyone. The staff at Sheffield’s is friendly, helpful and seems happy to be there. The beer rocks. The food is amazing. There’s always a nice crowd, but there’s also space for some quiet conversing. This place can offer as diverse of an experience as the customers they draw. So I’ll end this the same way I started: Sheffield’s is all that I love about neighborhood bars. I’m betting that you’ll like it too.
Beer, Barbecue, Beer, Blackhawks, Beer
Justin G. Mar 4, 2013
What’s better than an aesthetically appealing, well-stocked bar bursting with bodacious bottled and kegged beers? Maybe two more of those bars under the same roof? Or maybe an extravagant beer garden with its own boundless bar? What about delicious barbecued pork, brisket, ribs, chicken and all the fixings? What about all this? Well, that’s Sheffield’s in a nut-shell; Great beer and food at a great price in a comfortable environment. Sheffield’s truly exemplifies the absolute pinnacle of neighborhood bar. The beer selection runs over 100 options and features a wide-array of local namesakes and seasonals from across the Midwest, the best of the rest of the country, and a fair amount of imports for the international savvy. Whether in a traditional pint glass, goblet, snifter, bottle, or growler, the brew flows at affordable rates($4-6) by means of friendly, knowledgeable employees. Like the libation options, the food nourishes with delicious abandon. The options are pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and half chickens. The proteins can come either by way of fresh-baked sandwich buns with one side or on a platter with French fries, coleslaw and cornbread. Numerous starters are also available such as nachos, wings, and fresh-made stuffed, breaded, and deep-fried jalapeños. There’s no wonder it’s been featured by Esquire, Food and Wine, and as a Lakeview standout establishment. When considering Sheffield’s, it’s a pretty simple process. After a rough Monday at work, Sheffield’s. Tuesday for a Bulls or Blackhawks game, Sheffield’s. Wednesday for a delicious barbecue dinner, Sheffield’s. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, come on, Sheffield’s. Sunday Funday for hangover curing food and drink, not to mention a graciously soft but soulful playlists of songs, Sheffield’s. There’s never a bad time to walk through the corner door and grab some grub and a cold barley soda at Sheffield’s.
Your (Dude) Dream House
Jimmy P. Feb 21, 2013
You know that 38 year-old man in the bar? He's that guy with a chiseled jaw through scruff, salt and pepper hair long enough to pass for a guitarist and a babe on his arm drinking a beer and cracking jokes about women who wear heels. That guy is what Sheffield's is; classic cool. Sheffield's is big enough to house three separate bars, but has enough character to not make you feel like you're in some insulated meat market that serves alcohol at night. Three gorgeous, well-maintained old wooden bars serve as altars for the craft-beer enthusiasts and classrooms for the beer newbies. The massive craft beer list is impressive, but the bartenders, waitresses and patrons skip the pretentiousness that usually accompanies these types of beer bars nowadays. They're not going to snicker if you ask for a Miller Lite, but they will help you discover that Miller Lite should only be drank by 17 year-olds and actors in Miller commercials. Aside from the beer, the atmosphere is what brings me back. Dark wood everywhere, framed vintage posters, music mixes you wish were on your iPod, and enough plasmas to see the game without being swallowed by a swarm of bright LCD screens. There's a photo booth in the back bar to aide guys who want to appear spontaneous while flirting with the girls out of their league (yeah, pretty girls come here too!) There's a fireplace in the middle bar for the people in relationships wanting to pretend they're still in their living rooms. And, finally, have I mentioned there's a really friggin' big beer garden in the middle of all this? The tree encased, picnic table aplenty beer garden is what Chicago summer is meant to be. I haven't mentioned the food because it doesn't matter. It's barbecue, and it's decent if you go during the day when the place isn't jam packed. If you're going here on a weekend night, though, and expecting the food to remind you of the barbecue your relatives from Texas send you pictures, don't. The place gets too busy to expect a kitchen to maintain high quality food. At least, that's the excuse I give them. Sheffield's is not a restaurant, it's the coolest apartment you'd never be able to afford, but get to hang out in whenever you want. Who cares what's in the oven when the fridge is stocked with great beer, Pearl Jam is blasting from the speakers and (insert dream girl name here) is smiling at you?
Tasty, tasty
Craig B. Dec 11, 2012
I wish I'd gone to Sheffield's when it was nice out instead of in the dead of winter, but even though I couldn't enjoy the beer garden, I still really liked this place. Each of the three bars has its own kind of feel and the taps are all different. My spot was the bar in the middle, where there's no breeze from the door (as there is at the first bar) and it's not super packed (as the bar in the back is). Also, you've got enough space there to get a plate of food. Get the pulled pork or the brisket and you will wake up smiling the next day because of how good it is.
Awesome beer and barbecue joint
Christina W. Dec 10, 2012
This place is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of the clientele (it’s a beer/bbq bar really close to Wrigleyville, so it tends to be full of bro types on a regular basis). But despite all of that Sheffield’s is really great. First of all, the craft beer list is amazing. They make it their mission to serve only local craft brews, and in so doing they end up with a great selection of microbrews from Midwest breweries big and small. In addition to this they serve incredible barbecue! The Texas brisket was tender and delicious, while the Carolina pulled pork was just delectable and mouthwatering. You really can’t go wrong. So if you like, and you like barbecue, this is definitely the place for you.
Great barbecue and patio
Chris M. Aug 15, 2012
Sheffield's has a lot going on, barbecue, 3 three rooms, a patio, open mic, movies, and more. I like it best for the variety of southern barbecue styles and sauces. Careful though, the bottles will sometimes explode on you, I ruined a shirt one time (though the staff was very attentive to try to help clean me up). The patio is a lot of fun on a weekday night to grab some food and beers and hangout with some cool wooden benches and tables around a tree. That is definitely my favorite part of Sheffield's. It is a big place though, and on weekends the crowd becomes rowdier and the place gets real busy with typical Wrigleyville-ians (for better and for worse). The music cranks up with a DJ in the front room but different music sometimes in the back rooms. The further back you go the easier it can become to get a beer, so if it is packed head to the back. The open mic night is a decent one (keeping in mind that all open mics are about the same and not that good), I did my first ever comedy set here. Three minutes and one laugh, but the group was pretty receptive though it has been a while since I've come to this one. Some nights they also show movies, I randomly walked into a viewing of The Basketball Diaries one night while heading to the bathroom. A solid Lakeview bar overall, but differentiates nicely with the barbecue.
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