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	Halligan Bar in Chicago.

Halligan Bar in Chicago.

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Aug 21, 2012 —  Nothing satiates a stressed-out soul quite like a meat-market. No, we aren’t talking prime cuts of rib-eye or glistening slabs of bacon (though the metaphor potential here is killing us!), we mean the kinds of crazy Chicago bars perpetually packed with double-cheeseburger-sized helpings of singles looking to drink with abandon and make a lot of other decisions they’ll regret the next morning.

Sure, this city is home to phenomenal restaurants and a ridiculously top-notch mixology scene, but sometimes the last thing you want to do is hear a waiter drone on about hand-rolled cumin in the organic caviar salad or spend 20 minutes watching a vest-clad barkeep strain googly-moogly berry juice through a rose petal dipped in lavender.

Instead, we’re hitting the town running, and we’re locked in on the kinds of drinking dens that promise big glasses of booze served up quickly and priced so you won’t mind spilling half of them on the floor. We want music blaring that we always hear on the radio – that’s right, we know the words, and we’re gonna sing along – and we want throngs of amped up cruisers, heartbreakers, seducers, sirens, and swingers swinging from the rafters.

These are our picks for the best Chicago meat-market bars to find just that. Just make sure you save room for the sirloins.

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    Beaumont Bar & Grill

    Bar / Club / Restaurant

    Beaumont Bar & Grill - Bar | Club | Restaurant in Chicago.
    Lincoln Park

    2020 North Halsted Street
    Chicago, IL 60614


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    Halligan Bar

    Irish Pub / Sports Bar

    Halligan Bar - Irish Pub | Sports Bar in Chicago.
    Lincoln Park

    2274 North Lincoln Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60686


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    Moe's Cantina

    Bar / Restaurant

    Moe's Cantina - Bar | Restaurant in Chicago.
    River North

    155 West Kinzie Street
    Chicago, IL 60654


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    Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort

    Live Music Venue / Tiki Bar

    Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort - Live Music Venue | Tiki Bar in Chicago.
    Lincoln Park

    2833 North Sheffield Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60657


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    The Apartment

    Bar / Club

    The Apartment - Bar | Club in Chicago.
    Lincoln Park

    2251 North Lincoln Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60614


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