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Boiler Room Nestled next to the train tracks and a short hop from Logan's namesake public square, the Boiler Room is a neighborhood hangout featuring New York-style pizza, a diverse microbrew selection, and Jameson's finest on tap. Chicago United States 41.922101 -87.697457
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Boiler Room - Bar | Pizza Place | Restaurant in Chicago.
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Party Earth Review Nestled next to the train tracks and a short hop from Logan’s namesake public square, the Boiler Room is a neighborhood hangout featuring New York-style pizza, a diverse microbrew selection, and Jameson’s finest on tap... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 4pm–2am, Sa noon–3am, Su noon–2am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Boiler Room Review

The Scene

Nestled next to the train tracks and a short hop from Logan's namesake public square, the Boiler Room is a neighborhood hangout featuring New York-style pizza, a diverse microbrew selection, and Jameson's finest on tap.

Nestled next to the train tracks and a short hop from Logan’s namesake public square, the Boiler Room is a neighborhood hangout featuring New York-style pizza, a diverse microbrew selection, and Jameson’s finest on tap.

Large windows along the black-painted brick façade showcase the cooks as they work their latest doughy masterpiece, although auto enthusiasts are probably more interested in the owner’s restored ’63 Ford that’s often parked out front.

As the name suggests, the place sports an industrial décor, with low-hanging iron light fixtures, booths fashioned out of old airplane seatbelts and cargo straps, and bathrooms styled after a New York City subway car.

When the evening sets in, the spacious room fills with PBR-drinking artsy types and whiskey-sipping students, as well as famished groups who crowd around the communal tables to indulge in twenty-two-inch pizzas or mounds of sausage.

Busy most nights of the week, the venue really gets going on Friday and Saturday nights, especially in the summer, when lively crowds of tattooed locals spill out onto the airy patio with their specialty drinks and mozzarella balls in hand, as solitary drinkers catch an old movie on the screens behind the bar.

Home to big pies and a host of seasonal specials, the Boiler Room attracts a vibrant young crowd in the mood for a quick meal or a long evening chatting over cocktails and cheese.

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Tip from Jonah:

Boiler Room’s soft-serve is made with Jameson Irish whiskey! Don’t be surprised if they run out, however – these cones are del-Irish-icious! If they’re out, you’re still in luck: use their ATM, give them your receipt, and you get a free shot of Jameson.

  • Crowd

    Hipsters, local artsy types, college students, New York pizza fans, and relaxed older locals, early 20s to early 30s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient indie and alternative hits. Two screens above the bar usually tuned to old movies or sports on big game nights.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    New York-style pizza, whole or by the slice, as well as other pizza, salads and dips. Cash only. ATM on site. Reservations not accepted.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $3–$8, pizza $3–$4/slice or $18–$30/pie. Beer $3–$7.50, wine $8, specialty cocktails $8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: skinny jeans, cutoffs, plaid, flannel shirts, vans, trucker hats.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest crowd of pizza-lovers, although patrons should expect a lengthy wait for a table.

  • Close By

    The Whistler (2421 North Milwaukee Avenue) serves up cocktails and live music that go great with a belly full of pizza.

Boiler Room User Reviews

Average rating:
Perfect Post-Punk Pizza
Dave L. Mar 2, 2013
I was staying with my brother for the weekend, and we were headed home from a punk show where we had burned pretty much every available calorie our bodies could stand. My brother decided we needed "comfort food" - which, given our Wisconsin upbringing, ended up being mostly alcohol. The "PB & J" here is a great deal (Pizza, Beer, & Jameson), especially if you go with the house "Boiler Room" slice, topped with meatballs, cauliflower, and spicy giardiniera. The thing is piled so high it ends up eating more like a pita than a pizza slice, but if you appreciate more experimental pizza, it's well worth your while. Atmosphere-wise, the place is imminently rust-belt - the brick-and-wood decor, tavern lighting, the smell of booze and greasy food, the rumbling of nearby trains drowned out by melodic, raspy-voiced music... Oh yeah, and they have Jameson on tap.
Hipster crowd, but worth it for the special
Tracey Z. Feb 21, 2013
With industrial style decor that is slightly reminiscent of a level of Tony Hawk's Underground and bathrooms that are modeled after CTA cars, the Boiler Room definitely has a unique atmosphere compared to a lot of other bars. This is a great bar if you are on a budget because of the $7.50 PB&J special - a slice of pizza, a PBR tall boy, and a shot of Jameson. The pizza is all right, but not really the main attraction of the Boiler Room for me. But the slices are large and will fill you up. It definitely draws a hipster crowd, as do most bars in Logan Square, but the atmosphere is very cool, and it's a great place to have a laid-back evening to catch up with friends or warm up for the rest of the night. It's definitely worth at least one visit. The bar is cash only and there is an ATM with a $2.50 charge, but they will give you a shot of Jameson if you give them your receipt. This place is great for fans of Jameson because they also have Jameson ice cream!
Punk rock Pizza Place
Jacob K. Feb 15, 2013
The Boiler Room is at 2210 N. California in Logan Square. Whole pizzas come one size only, cut into six giant slices that you have to fold over to eat off of stainless steel plates. The pizzas will satisfy anyone looking for a New York Slice after getting their arm twisted into watching a work friend's band play at Township. "Hey, you guys are pretty good!" The PBR meatballs are kind of bland but the sausage is great. The giardiniera is too spicy, or just right if you’ve got to prove your adolescent masculinity. The pizzas can be prepared entirely vegan, making the boiler Room a perfect place for omnivores and herbivores to bitch about their bosses. The fully stocked bar has classic movies projected onto its back wall in a mirrored double image. It's really cool. Since the ATM service charge is $2.50, the restaurant offers a free shot of Jameson to all who withdraw cash from the machine. There is a rotating selection of alcoholic soft serve. Right now it is Jameson vanilla, ginger or swirl. Sample the soft serve in a shot glass before you settle on a whole waffle cone’s worth. But don't go driving with it like a dick just because you won't get pulled over for eating soft serve. You will instantly recall junior high school if you are seated at one of the two tops which are made from old desks and push against your thighs. The staff is friendly and the service is good enough. There is a serene patio in the back with heat lamps above every table that provide a warm eerie red glow. The bathrooms look like el stops. I have visual confirmation only of the men's though. If you like punk rock and good pizza, The Boiler Room is for you.
Great bar right outside the California 'L' stop
Craig B. Dec 9, 2012
For the uninitiated, a boilermaker is a beer "cocktail" consisting of a beer and a shot of whiskey. The best deal at the Boiler Room is that (a tallboy of PBR and a generous shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey) plus a slice of your choice of their phenomenal pizza. It's not deep dish, but it will definitely fill you up. You can't go wrong with seating (the booths are roomy, there are communal and small tables, and the bar is very comfortable), but it can get crowded in the evening. The art on the walls is all from local artists, which is pretty cool. And if the weather is nice, definitely check out the outdoor seating in the back. Very cozy. Also the bathrooms are hilarious. They're built like transit cars on the 'L,' complete with hanging straps to keep yourself upright, clanging metal doors for the stall, and a PA that announces that you've arrived at the California stop whenever the door opens or closes.
The BEST pizza+drink special in Chicago
Christina W. Nov 19, 2012
I lived down the street from Boiler Room for a year and I went there at least once a week. With a killer PB&J special (pizza, beer, & Jameson), you really couldn't go wrong. For $7.50, you get a slice of pizza (cheese, pepperoni, or whatever's on special that day) plus a PBR tall boy and a shot of Jameson. How could you not do it? Also, the pizza here is actually delicious. Yeah, it's not your average Chicago-style 4" deep pizza, but the slices are gigantic and it's truly quality stuff. Even if pizza's not your thing, it's a great place to chill for a drink. The vibe is laid-back, it's decorated like a boiler room, and the "booth" seats are made out of seat belt straps from some Swiss airline. They have good beer on tap, decent cocktails, and (wait for it) Jameson ON TAP. It is certainly one of my top picks in Chicago for a chill night of drinking and noshing.
Best pizza in town.
Jessica S. Sep 21, 2012
The cash only aspect kind of sucks, but they have an ATM there if you are low. Apart from that, love Boiler. Pizza is sooooooo good. Love the industrial train décor. Even the bathrooms have old CTA announcements on a loop, so you feel like you’re whizzing in a train station. Hilarious. Lots of pizza options. My favorite is probably the PBR meatballs with the house-made Giardinara. Has this crazy fresh relish type sauce on it. Not that lumpy relish you are used to, but sweet pickles mixed with this sauce that is just perfect, and also goes REALLY well with whatever beer you order. On a budget, grab the PB & J special: a slice of pizza, PBR, and a shot of Jameson. Speaking of Jameson. They make Jameson ice cream here. And yes, it is as heavenly as it sounds. Just be aware they are known to run out. It’s that good.
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